Hecate- Queen of Witches Herb Smoke for Prophecy


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Hecate- Queen of Witches Herb Smoke for Prophecy


Hecate- Queen of Witches Herb Smoke for Prophecy
Mugwort, Sassafrass, Palo Santo, Dragons Blood

From long ago within temples of mysteries unknown to man the virgin goddess Hecate abides.
Hecate is self-governing, nonrelational, unaffected by the heat of emotion or desiring, not moved by love, sexuality, or attraction, belonging to no man, with an active, focused consciousness and little apparent need to become vulnerable (to give and receive love and comfort and support growth in others) she is ruled by her own choices. The Virgin goddess appears whenever a woman is pursuing her own desires and ideas for herself.
Hecate is capable to concentrate keenly on whatever was important to her and to be undistracted (either by the needs of others or by competition from others), competent, adept and capable of achievement.
Hekate is known as the Queen of witches as she has the power to alter a person’s fate. She is associated with esoteric wisdom of plant lore. The Goddess Hecate is the representation of the Crone, The Wise Woman whose powers increase with age. With “moonlight vision,” she tides prophecy to witch’s.
Today she is considered to be a Goddess of crossroads as offerings were made to her on the night of the new moon. With key and torch in hand she governs gateways and illuminates Choice for those beings who cannot find their way.

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