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Perfume Oil 1/2 oz - Your Choice of Scent

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This listing is for one 1/2 oz of perfume oil in the scent of your choice. The 1/2 oz bottle is equal to four drams. You may choose your scent from any oil in my shop or the list below. Please specify your choice in the note section during checkout. The last photo shows where the note section is located, you must select YES for it to appear.

4456 - blackberry, peony, incense, a hint of cedar

Aphrodisia - lavender, pumpkin pie

Bad Witch - nag champa, frankincense, sandalwood, dragon's blood, tiny bit of aged Indian patchouli

Bee's Knees - honey, strawberry, smidgen of patchouli

Beware - incense, Indonesian patchouli, vanilla

Blackberry Patchouli - sweet blackberries, patchouli

Blackberry Tea - blackberry, black tea, cassia, heliotrope, vanilla

Black Licorice - anise, sugar

Black Licorice Patchouli - anise, sugar, aged Indonesian patchouli

Black Lung - clove (skin safe) cigarette blend containing clove & smoky tobacco.

Black Raven - strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, sugar, sweet musk

Blood Red - red rose, earth, light musk

Blueberry Amber - blueberry, Tunisian amber

Blueberry Patchouli - blueberry, Indian patchouli

Burn Witch Burn - hickory, maple, slight hint of patchouli

Carnivale - cotton candy, tobacco, smoke, sugar

Cauldron Smoke - smoked vanilla beans, sweet cream, splash of red licorice

Cecil - brown sugar, sugar, black pepper

Chocochouli - milk chocolate, cocoa absolute, Indian patchouli, Tunisian patchouli

Chocolate (formerly Schokolade) - milk chocolate, dark chocolate

Corpse - citrus, earth

Darkness - dark, musky patchouli blend

Day of the Dead - frankincense, marigold blossoms, sugar

Desolation Angel - Egyptian musk, vanilla bean, hint of walnut

Diabolique - moss, lavender, patchouli, citron

Dirt (I did not create this, but I do blend it) - smells like dirt

Eat Me - cupcake & frosting blend

Fate (stock scent, not created by me) - scent dupe for Karma(tm) by Lush

Fire - skin safe cinnamon, skin safe clove, vetiver, nutmeg

Frankincense Amber - sweet frankincense, Tunisian amber

Frankincense & Myrrh - sweet frankincense, Tunisian myrrh

Frankincense Patchouli - sweet frankincense, aged Indonesian patchouli

Ginger Ale (stock scent, not created by me) - smells just like the bubbly soda

Great Pumpkin - pumpkin pie, cake, brown sugar, chocolate, spices

Green Patchouli (stock scent, not created by me) - scent dupe of a powdery patchouli perfume from the 60's

Grimoire - leather, tobacco, ylang ylang, bergamot

Gypsy Kiss - marshmallow, patchouli, lemon, myrrh

Haunted - orange blossom, neroli, amber, light musk

Helter Skelter - Spanish moss, black pepper, sugar, patchouli, touch of anise

Honey Berry - honey, blackberry, strawberry, cranberry

Honey Patchouli - honey, patchouli

Huff n' Puff - mossy, earthy, woodsy blend

Imagica - vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, chocolate, black pepper

Inamorata - resinous woods, agave, patchouli, lavender

Jasmine Amber - Italian jasmine, Tunisian amber

Jasmine Patchouli - Italian jasmine, aged Indonesian patchouli

Jeepers Creepers - candies, earth

Lavender Patchouli - French lavender, aged Indonesian patchouli

Litha - gardenia, cassis, litsea cubeba, smidge of patchouli

Lulu - Mexican vanilla, brown sugar, sweet cream

Marshmallow Tangerine - fluffy sweet marshmallows, tangerine

Midnight - skin safe clove, frankincense, patchouli

Myra - marshmallow fluff, tangerine, myrrh

Myrrh Amber - Tunisian myrrh, Tunisian amber

Myrrh Patchouli - Tunisian myrrh, aged Indonesian patchouli

Nevermore - violet, sandalwood, light patchouli, sugar

Nixie - sea salt, green herbal notes, white florals

Noctem - vanilla bean, brown sugar

Nymph - wild strawberry, chocolate, skin safe clove, hint of patchouli

Oh Cherry - red cherries, cognac

Opium Eater - tobacco, light amber, poppy

Orange Blossom Patchouli - orange blossom, Indian patchouli

Orange Musk - sweet orange, dark musk, nag champa

Orange Patchouli - sweet orange, aged Indonesian patchouli, sugar

Orange Vanilla - sweet orange, dark vanilla

Patchouli Amber - aged amber, aged Indonesian patchouli

Patchouli Black Pepper (formerly Pepperchouli) - aged Indian patchouli, black pepper

Patchouli Musk - patchouli, dark musk

Patchouli Rose - aged Indonesian patchouli, tea rose

Patchouli Spice - Indian patchouli, spices

Patchouli Tea - aged Indonesian patchouli, black tea

Pinchouli - Indian patchouli, pine needle

Plasma Candy - black cherry, patchouli, sweet vanilla

Pomona - apple blossom, orange blossom, sweet frankincense, skin safe cinnamon

Pumpkin Ale - sweet creamy pumpkin, ginger ale

Red Death - black sandalwood, aged amber, nag champa, exotic musk

Rose Amber - red rose, Tunisian amber

Salem - aquatic notes, sweet florals, touch of incense

Samhain - Indian sandalwood, teak, frankincense, sweet musk, clove

Sandalwood Amber - Indian sandalwood, aged amber

Sandalwood Patchouli - Indian sandalwood, aged Indian patchouli

Satyr - black sandalwood, myrrh, aged Indonesian patchouli

Scaredy Cat - skin safe clove, spices, vanilla, maple

Sekhmet - aged Indian patchouli, lemon, tangerine, light amber, vanilla

Sister Moon - moonflower, light jasmine, lily of the valley, hint of tea rose

Skarlet - strawberry, dark chocolate, brown sugar

Snails & Tails - earth, oak, salt air, allspice, Tunisian amber

Spun Sugar - sweet, sugary cotton candy blend

Squish Squash - sweet pumpkin, sugar, strawberry, touch of maple

Starbright (stock scent, not created by me) - scent dupe for Rockstar(tm) by Lush

Strawberry - strawberry, Tunisian amber

Strawberry Fandango - strawberry, Spanish spices, jasmine

Strawberry Patchouli - strawberry, Indian patchouli

Strawberry Rose - strawberry, red rose

Strega - rose geranium, vanilla, jasmine, Indian patchouli

Sugared Patchouli - aged Indonesian patchouli, brown sugar, sugar, sugar beet

Sugar Skull - sugar, sugar beet, brown sugar, creamy vanilla frosting

Sweet Dreams - wild strawberries, buttermint candies

Sweet Sweet Heart - clementine, blueberry, amber, sweet anise

Tainted Love - light red musk, sweet musk, ambrette seed, pheromones (plant derived)

THEM - cassis, red cherries, fig

Thirteen - Tunisian patchouli, lavender, pine needle, orange blossom, lemon

Tropical Patchouli - aged Indonesian patchouli, coconut, sugar, hint of pineapple

Tunisian Amber (stock scent, not created by me) - sweet, intoxicating amber

Tunisian Patchouli (stock scent, not created by me) - sweet, earthy patchouli

Vampyr - aged Indonesian patchouli, rose, dark musk

Vanilla Bean (stock scent, not created by me) - straight up vanilla scent, not sickeningly sweet, powdery, or buttery

Vanilla Rose - vanilla, red rose

Violet Tea - violet, black tea, white tea

Voodoo - spices, incense, dragon's blood

Wench - marshmallow, strawberry, vanilla, cherry, skin safe clove

Which Witch - light sandalwood, spices, woods, poppy

Wool of Bat - anise, clove, light fig

Zombie - earth, dark musk, carnation

Materials Used

perfume oil, essential oil

More Info

Please remember that when you smell an oil directly out of the bottle, what you smell is very concentrated. Most of my blends smell completely different once they are applied to the skin and have a chance to "warm up" and work with your chemistry.

While the cinnamon and clove oils I use are skin safe scent dupes, those with sensitive skin may want to avoid blends that contain them.

Product Attributes

Color: White

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