Dirty Dog™ Organic Deodorizing Dry Powder Cleansing Shampoo


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Dirty Dog™ Organic Deodorizing Dry Powder Cleansing Shampoo


Our Dirty Dog™ Deodorizing Dry Powder Cleansing All Natural Dog Shampoo, is our own unique custom formula, designed to cleanse pet's skin and hair, while leaving them smelling fresh to humans, but not attractive to pests. Our formula is unique to the natural dog grooming arena. Perfect for pets who don't enjoy water baths, or for an easy in between bath time cleansing. Our dry shampoo powder combines soothing, deodorizing, and cleansing ingredients, into an easy to use, and convenient shaker shampoo. Our proprietary blend of essential oils is also helpful in keeping fleas and other pests at bay, in addition to leaving your pet smelling fresh and clean, without the water cleanup. Vegan friendly formula. Suitable for pets with sensitive skin.

❥ Absorbs dirt and oily buildup to effectively clean the skin and coat of your pooch.

❥ Deodorizing ingredients will leave your pet smelling fresh.
❥ Gentle and mild formula will not irritate delicate or sensitive skin.

❥ Includes oatmeal and allantoin for soothing relief to many skin problems.
❥ Scented with pure essential oils.

❥ Includes organic ground lavender buds, which are aromatic and assist in deterring fleas.

❥ Organic cornmeal gently removes dirt and odor from your dog's coat.

❥ Ideal for pets who dislike water baths.
❥ Absorbs dirt and deodorizes coat.

★★ CUSTOMER WROTE: "Cleaned up Mr. Dudley with Dirty Dog Dry Shampoo and he smells like a lavender field. No more stinky dog! Thanks as always."

★★ CUSTOMER WROTE: "The Dirty Dog Dry Powder Shampoo is superb. It's the 1st dry powder dog shampoo I've tried that actually lives up to it's description."

★★ CUSTOMER WROTE: "★★★★★"

★★ CUSTOMER WROTE: "Charlotte smells much better! Thank you."

★★ CUSTOMER WROTE: "Works well!"

★★ CUSTOMER WROTE: "Great dry shampoo. Smells lovely <3 my dog def prefers it to water ;) Thank you!"

★★ CUSTOMER WROTE: "Yay! Our doggie smells amazing and our noses aren't assaulted with harsh chemical smells. This is an incredible product for in between baths and our dog doesn't mind it at all. Happy dog owner here! Thank you!"

★★ CUSTOMER WROTE: "★★★★★"

★★ CUSTOMER WROTE: "I really like this shampoo - I expected it to be like baby powder but the consistency is more like corn starch which helps with distributing throughout my dogs fur - she has a double coat so I was not sure how this would go - but I really like the result - smells amazing - pup is fresh and soft - no itchies! Thanks!"

★★ CUSTOMER WROTE: "Our dogs smell lovely when we have this powder at home! Just wonderful!"

★★ CUSTOMER WROTE: "Smells wonderful ( think Aveda salon products for us humans) not overpowering or full of chemicals I'm so happy to have found this product for my fur babies!"

★★ CUSTOMER WROTE: "This is the first dry shampoo that has actually worked. It was easily applied. My dog's coat was actually clean and soft. Scent was mild and not flowery. Lasted a little over a week before his doggy scent started making an appearance. Great for wintertime use."

Our dogs say smelling nice doesn't have to be "ruff." Easy to use shaker bottle. (Size: net wt. 7 ounces)

Organic Cornstarch, Rice Flour, Sodium Bicarbonate, Organic Cornmeal, Colloidal Oatmeal, Kaolin Clay, Allantoin, Organic Ground Lavender Buds, Comfrey, Chamomile and Rosemary Extracts, Silica, Essential Oil Blend.

❥ essensu™ ... Garden Fresh Holistic Skincare

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Size: 7 ounces

Color: White

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Coolstraps on Dec 31, 2014
5 stars

What a wonderful treat for my sister! She loved the lotions, the scents, how good it all felt on her skin. Also a wonderful buying experience with a seller who knows how to give excellent customer service!
AussenWolfDesigns on Dec 20, 2014
5 stars

Thank you so much! I purchased the Organic Pumpkin Spice Sugar Body Scrub for a gift. It has an incredibly wonderful scent and I had a hard time resisting the urge to keep it for myself! The same with the shampoo. I did purchase the Elixir for myself and jut started using it. I will update you about that one after I have used it a few times.
myMountainStudio on Oct 18, 2014
5 stars

Fantastic seller with great product and great service. I not only would buy from this seller again, but I have! :)
AussenWolfDesigns on Aug 31, 2013
5 stars

Thank you so much for the Organic Rainforest Coffee Anti-Cellulite scrub! It made a major improvement in my skin after just one use--my skin was softer, smoother, and no longer dry. And it has a great fragrance (I love coffee--LOL). And the carrot seed night cream is to die for! I have very dry skin and the carrot seed cream made a visible difference after one application. After the second night my skin actually looked hydrated. I have battled a "rough" skin spot on my cheek for years--it is always reddish and little bits of skin peel away. Anything and everything I have tried just sits on top of the skin. The carrot seed night cream actually soaked into the skin and within two nights I could see a big difference. The red patch is still there, but it is softer (almost more of a pink than red now) and no more of that peeling, flaky skin. Thank you again! I am really looking forward to trying more of your products.
RockBug on Jul 16, 2013
5 stars

Thank you so much for another fantastic transaction! I love the body wash and toner, your products are always great. And wow, the shipping was super fast! Thanks, again!

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