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Personalized Virtual Santa with YOUR FAMILY


Virtual Santa has been around since 2002. In 2016 we refilmed it with a new option, PERSONALIZED WITH YOUR FAMILY. This means that Your Family is seen talking to Virtual Santa after he delivers presents. The cost is $50.00, not including any shipping. Please watch this video to get the basics.

You get the full 4 minute Virtual Santa Scene, and then instead of ending and looping there, Santa returns into YOUR ROOM and you family walking into the shot and talks to Santa for about 1 minute. TRULY REMARKABLE Virtual Santa and YOU!!!!

You can take your own photos, you don't need a photographer, BUT you must follow our instructions that are in some of the photos on this listing, or the final result will be poor. The Family of four you see in the demo with the Santa and conversation scene, and the Santa and Mrs Santa Scene were indeed filmed in their own house [by me locally] in order to show you the kind of Picture you need to supply. Please believe and understand, NO SANTA AND MRS WERE NOT FILMED AT THE CUSTOMERS HOUSE, we truly did in fact produce the Blue Screened in Santa or Santa and Mrs. In order for you to have a good scene, you must do the following.

1. It must be a camera/phone on a tripod. If you hand hold it, your room will jump around on the final video, and Santa will be stable.
2. You gotta have adequate light. What we did in our example is Far From Studio. We used a Clamp Light hanging from a Coat Rack, with a 300 watt lamp [which you can still buy in hardware or light bulb areas [larger stores perhaps], they are Old 1900's style Bulbs for garages and such. We placed it just to the right of the camera, and had a few Living Room lamps on.
3. DO NOT have noise makers around, Dogs, Friends, TV, Radio. Have your Room as quiet in the background as you can.
4. If you have a MIC, put it close to the family. If not, speak clearly, and avoid rooms with echo.
6. Don't skimp by doing the lowest quality setting.
7. If you got a friend with an actual camera that records video, do that. We want it in HD MODE, not SD, and not 4K, though if it is in 4K mp4 we can still use it. We are making a HD file, not a 4K.

What you do if you buy this listing, is to contact me for Specific Instructions and a TIMING VIDEO which you play on a cell phone or computer, and then the directors voice comes on and gives cues....When to walk in, and then you will hear Santas voice, and practice Voice for you to do a practice or two, and then the recording cues. This is easy, and doable. We did this as far back as 30 years ago with a Custom 30 minutes Santa Movie. We send you the timing youtube, and you can play it as many times as you needed.

When you record the video, you can send the file via GOOGLE DRIVE. OR you can mail a USB drive to us, address supplied at that time. We will ship back the USB drive to you and/or send it to you via our own downloads server.

PLEASE DO NOT RECORD ALL THE PRACTICES, JUST THE FINAL. Our youtube timing tape will provide you with a directors voice, and will give you real-time....TIME to do specific things. Before you start the youtube, have your camera set up on a stand/tripod, ready to go [not on a standby mode that shuts it off in a few minutes]. Have your light in place and be ready to go. You can complete this filming in 10 minutes.

FINALLY this listing is for Santa Delivering Presents, not partying with Mrs Santa and Santa, which is another listing.

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I'll be brief:

I ship orders more often Sept - Dec, than the rest of the year. The reason is it is seasonal items, mostly ordered during those times. I ship at least every 2 days, and often 6 days.

LOST IN THE MAIL/POST/DELIVERY: It happens, rarely, but it happens. with me, and don't blame the failure of delivery on me for not shipping, if I've got the tracking number. The Stories I got from customers about WHERE their package ended up could fill a book. Weird things happen, delivery folks make mistakes, and that's life. Let me know the situation, and we will try to work an agreement.

DVDs and Packaging.
DVDs very rarely do not play, and I will replace. I ask that you try other BL or DVD players first. Understand these are not for computers, as computers lack the proper controls to loop a chapter. So if you plan to use a computer, what you need to do is purchase digital files, much easier to deal with.

Packaging: DVD is going away, and so are the color boxes, and even BW boxes. I need to be clear that I sell FX, I do not sell DVDs - there's a huge difference there - that many folks cannot comprehend. Your are simply NOT purchasing a pretty DVD box to pick up and say WOW about. You are buying FX to project in windows primarily, and on TV in some cases. So be advised that, as of 2018, as certain DVD covers run out, at some point, without warning the DVDs will be in plain covers.

Digital Files Versions - These are PLANNED for Artfire, as we do on esty, I've not done this yet, as I cannot find a way of doing this. SO - stay tuned.



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