Bass Chakra singing bowls for spiritual wellbeing and healing

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Bass Chakra singing bowls for spiritual wellbeing and healing


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The singing bowel notes are set to the Tibetan system as seen in diagram

Singing bowls are a type of bell, rather than hanging inverted or attached to a handle, the singing bowls sit with the bottom surface resting. The sides and rim of singing bowls vibrate to produce sound.

In Buddhist practice, singing bowls are used as a support for meditation, trance induction and prayer. The use of singing bowls in Tibet is the subject of much debate and many stories. Some people say they were used for meditation while others say they were magical tools for transformation of self and of matter. The notes for the singing bowls are represented in the diagram both in the Tibetan and Vedic system.

Chakras are associated with colors, seed mantras, body centers and various human qualities. And of course, each chakra is associated with a note too. There are two major systems that one can follow. They are the Vedic and the Tibetan Systems. The Vedic system is the Western diatonic scale starting from note C at the Root chakra. It is commonly used in Western Sound Healing practices.

Teachers of Tibetan singing bowl therapy from ancient times set up their singing bowls in a pattern where the intervals between the notes corresponding to the chakras are a fifth apart with F at the Root chakra…

(root) F GAB C DEF G ABC D EFG A BCD E FGA B (crown)

1x Chakra Singing Bowl - Root (Red)
1x Chakra Singing Bowl - Crown (purple)
1x Chakra Singing Bowl - Solar Plexus (yellow)
1x Chakra Singing Bowl - Heart ( green)
1x Chakra Singing Bowl - Navel (mustard)
1x Chakra Singing Bowl - Throat ( turquoise)
1x Chakra Singing Bowl - Third Eye (dark blue/navy)
Size: Width: 8cm, Height: 5cm, Diameter: 8cm
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Product Attributes

Primary Material: Brass

Size: Small

Pattern: Tibetan chakra

Color: Brass

Device: Chakra Sining bowls

Theme: Tibetan

Style: Chakra

Occasion: Health& beauty

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