Montessori Continents of the world felt map, Geography Lesson,


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Montessori Continents of the world felt map, Geography Lesson,


Do you have a geography obsessed child?

This will be a great resource for your child to begin to learn about the world.
When you choose this item Your little explorer will learn the 7 major world continents & 5 largest oceans and its animals & landmarks.

Contents: -

- Felt wall mat (world map) with handle the size 50 × 90 cm, Its edges are sewn with blanket stitch .

- Quiet Book on a bag form which stores all the pieces of the map, It has 12 page including the cover.
the page size 30 × 22 cm. The cover page has the title letters sewn. the first & last pages sewing with two layers together.
It has Seven pages to save puzzle pieces of continents.
The last three pages have pockets to store animals, landmarks, flags and labels.
On the back of the book a piece to hang the wall mat and holder to be easy for your child to carry the contents of the map.

- The seven puzzle pieces of continents color-coded to Montessori.

- 44 felt animals ( two felt layer not stuffed ) including 9 sea animals every animal has a Velcro on the back with the same color of its continent this performs an error correction. control of error is a way for the child to check his or her own work. this way aids the child’s independence & self-esteem and self-discipline.
Africa animals (Lion-Giraffe-Elephant-Rhinoceros-Zebra- Camel)
Asia animals (Peacock-Arctic Fox-Panda-Brown Bear-Walrus-Tiger-Tapir-Snow Leopard)
Europe animals (Harp Seal-Mallard-Hedgehog-Wolf)
North America animals (Bald Eagle-Caribou-Beaver-Polar Bear-Alligator-Iguana-Narwhal)
South America animals (Taco Toucan-Poison Dart Frog-Spider Monkey-Jaguar-Sea Lion)
Australia animals (Emu-Kangaroo-Koala)
Antarctica animals (Emperor Penguin-Leopard Seal)
Sea animals (Sea Star-Octopus-Tiger Shark-Dolphin-Beluga Whale-Sperm Whale-Sea Turtle-Killer Whale-Humpback Whale)

- 6 felt famous landmarks which located on 6 continents.
Africa (Pyramids & Sphinx)
Asia (Taj Mahal)
Europe (Eiffel Tower)
North America (Statue of Liberty)
Australia (Sydney Opera House)
Oceans (Easter Island)

- Labels in English or any other language you want.

These are high quality 100% handmade items, hand cut and hand sewn.
It’s made with love to children.
Thank you for looking and feel free to ask any question.

Note : pattern by Stephanie Segall Of imagine our life .
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