Traditional Chinese Realistic Painting,Peafowls

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Traditional Chinese Realistic Painting,Peafowls


Traditional Chinese realistic painting,Peafowls
Opposited to the freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting(characterized by vivid expression and bold outline),Traditional Chinese realistic painting is characterized by fine brushwork and close attention to detail . Traditional Chinese realistic painting is distinctive result of Chinese culture .
Most traditional Chinese paintings are devoted to flowers and birds; and according to the different types of brushwork, these paintings can be divided into freehand ink-and-wash paintings, which are characterized by vivid expression and bold outlines, and realistic paintings, which are characterized by fine application of lines and colors. In traditional Chinese realistic painting, line drawing is the basic element, and is usually the first step in creating a painting. Then, on the basis of the shapes that have been formed on paper, the painter applies colors until the flowers and birds come alive with bright hues. During ancient times, a number of artists were accomplished in realistic painting.
In modern times, there are still many Chinese artists who have committed themselves to traditional Chinese realistic painting. Having inherited the use of traditional brushwork, they also seek to use modern innovations and breakthroughs in the art world.

height: 135 cm
width: 66 cm

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Product Attributes

Size: Height: 135 cm width: 66 cm

Pattern: Traditional Chinese realistic painting,Peafowls

Color: Green

Style: Traditional Chinese realistic painting

Type: Peafowls

Shape: Peafowls

Height: 135 cm

Width: 66 cm

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