natural oil snail mucus for cosmetics 30 ml. Morocco


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natural oil snail mucus for cosmetics 30 ml. Morocco


The snail slime is considered a kind of "treasure" of nature, as it is ideal to beautify the skin of the face of men and women.Like aloe vera , snail slime is also used to get the skin to heal faster, as well as to remove blemishes and burns .
All this is possible thanks to allantoin, a chemical compound present in the secretion manufactured by these mollusks.The antioxidants present in snail slime have the power to reduce existing wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones.
It is not a miraculous product, but it can help you a lot to rejuvenate your face in just a few weeks.A natural peel
The function of the peelings consists in eliminating the dead cells of the skin to provide luminosity and to finish with the grains, the spots and the black points. Do you want to undergo a totally natural peel?
In that case, we encourage you to use the snail slime, since the glycolic acid present in it acts as a great exfoliant.
A face without flaccidity
The slime of this mollusk contains, in addition to the substances that we have described above, collagen and elastin . Its function? Provide a great smoothness to the skin and prevent the appearance of flaccidity.
Cream of snail slime and aloe vera
As you have seen through these lines, snail slime is a perfect natural ingredient to enhance beauty .
But its properties can be even greater when combined with aloe vera .

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Oil

Size: 30 ml.

Color: White

Theme: natural oil

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