Levels of knowledge Painting

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Levels of knowledge Painting


«Levels of knowledge» by Mansur Baybekov.
Oil, canvas. 15.7x19.6 in. No need in frame.
Feature of the painting.
The picture "Levels of knowledge" is special in that it is written using the golden section. And exactly - the sequence of Fibonacci numbers.
We all know about the wonderful properties of the golden section. It is present in every miraculous object: leaves, animal people.
When drawing the picture “Levels of knowledge,” I did not just use the golden ratio. In combination with different shades of blue and purple, it has a very positive effect on the health of the beholder.
The picture “Levels of knowledge” is intended to have a calming effect on the beholder. And this, perhaps, is exactly what is needed in the modern world full of stress!
In the Interior.
The picture "Levels of knowledge" is small and suitable even for small rooms.
This picture will undoubtedly bring comfort to your home and decorate it. I like this picture so much that I would not want to part with it myself, but I paint for you, dear art lovers, so I will be glad if it will delight you decorating the interior of your home.
An Idea.
What element can be called the most important for success?
I think this element is knowledge.
When we set a goal, we know what we want to achieve, but the question immediately arises, “how?”. Many people confuse ignorance and impossibility. But this is just a lack of information. Now so much information is available that with sufficient diligence you can answer any question "how?"
Dear reader, you have learned from your own experience the importance of information. Let my picture “Levels Of Knowledge” serve as a reminder of the important role information played in your life.

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