Round Play Pool Toddler Baby Ball Pool Anti Stress Ocean Ball


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Round Play Pool Toddler Baby Ball Pool Anti Stress Ocean Ball



o Ball pit takes time to be made in about 5 days. Please note that we are not factory, we are just small familly business so every ball pit will be made to order special for you and your little.
o Baby ball pit comes with 160 certificated plastic balls with bag for balls included. Plastic balls are made in Europe from non toxic BPA free plastic.
o We are ball pit producer that is located in tiny little country of Lithuania. If you don't know where it is, you can check it here :) -->
o Foam ball pit is safe to use! Our ball pits are made from certificated fabrics and balls. Basins fabrics made from cotton and balls are made from non-toxic materials.
o You can choose any balls colors that you like or just ask us for suggestion.
o All our ball pits are handmade personally by me what ensures that each piece is made very responsibly.
o The ball pit is a great place for baby, child or even toddler to stay in it. It is very important that kids can spread their imagination by playing in dry pool.
o There your toddler can read a book or just stay and dream for a while. For little ones it's very useful to educate their mobility skills, sensorical and motorical develop.
o Ball pit it's a multipurpose toy because you can play in it at home or go outside.
o This little dry swimming pool also looks minimalistic and modern.
o It's a big toy but it will really fit even in very small baby room. Minimalistic design of dry pool fits to any interior .
o Extremely soft fabrics makes fell more comfy than any other place at home :) .
o Ball pit is fun kids room toy and room decor at the same time.
o The pool can be used to care kids toys and other games.
o Dry pool is really unusual gift for little ones and bigger ones as well!
o Kids like it a lot because it's so much fun to play in this ball pit! It's nice game for bounce and play party or daily funs.
o It is very comfortable for kids to sit in a ball pit and read a book. Even parents can fit to the dry pool. It makes so much fun to their little ones!
o Also we do custom sewing on the side of the ball pit so you can have personalized gift for your baby. 😊


• Height- 40 cm (15,75 in) (ERGONOMIC HEIGHT FOR SAFE BABIES GAMES )
• Diameter inside- 70cm (27,56 in)
• Outside diameter- 80cm (31,50 in)
• Wall thickness- 5cm (1,97 in)
• Thickness of the bottom- 5cm (1,97 in) (SAFER THICKNESS FOR SAFE JUMPS)
• Ball diameter- 7 cm (2,75 in)


 light grey ball pit ( looks so fresh!)
 dark grey ball pit (bestseller)
 black ball pit ( always good idea)
 sweet pink ball pit ( every little princess dream)
 minty mint ball pit ( asking to be squeezed)
 any color you dream of ;)
You can choose from different colors and dimensions. Just let us know what you need! :)

• foam frame
• cotton fabric (96% cotton / 4% elastane)
• certificated plastic balls
• smile and happiness

• You can order some extra pool balls for extra payment.
• Ball pit cover is removable and washable so it's not a problem that kids will play there with stainy, little kids fingers 😊
• Ball pit cover is from cotton so comfortable and delicate to touch.
• You can choose the balls color you like the most.
• We recommend to mix up to 4 colors. Then ball pool looks the most beautiful.
• If it's difficult to choose, you can send us your room picture and we can consult you about the best choice of colors.
• One exclusive toy creates bigger value for a kids than full room of small plastic one day toys (we already checked 😊 ).

More Info

baby ball pool, ball pit, Round Play Pool

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Cotton fabric (96% cotton / 4% elastane)

Size: H 40cm x Diameter 80cm

Color: White

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