Harry Potter INSPIRED Character Wand

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Harry Potter INSPIRED Character Wand


These are Harry Potter character “style/INSPIRED wands”. Many are “based” on or “inspired by” the character’s original wand; some are their newer wands BUT are NOT identical and each wand has their own personalities & traits.

These are handmade Harry Potter movie character "wizard" wands starting between 9 - 10.5” +  long depending on style & at the largest point (top of handle/pre embellishment) approx 6-7 mm); unfortunately, I CANNOT do any symbols on the wands.
Please read below about a TRUE wands size.

No two wands are the same AND they are INSPIRED by actual characters including (see below):

Note: These are NOT meant to be exact or identical replicas as per Etsy & WB, I’m NOT allowed to sell or advertise that.

These items are all CUSTOM MADE and there are NO REFUNDS; please read the listing and see pictures.

PICTURED (left to right): Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna Lovegood (original pictures; I NOW do an inspired new one - see pictures), Xenophilius Lovegood (no longer doing), Snape, Sirius Black, Voldemort/original (Tom Riddle’s wand), Death Eater 1 & 2, The Elder Wand & Draco Malfoy
+ Bellatrix Lestrange (not pictured)

Inspired by Character Wands that CAN be done (some not listed or shown above): Harry, Ron, Hermione, Old Voldemort/Tom Riddle’s wand, Sirius Black, Snape, Malfoy, Neville, Luna, Ginny, Death eater (2 styles), Elder wand/Dumbledore, Prof. Remus Lupin & Bellatrix Lestrange
PLEASE message me for other requests or possibilities.

Questions referring to a “real” wands length, from Pottermore.com & the book:
“Most wands will be in the range of between nine and fourteen inches. While I have sold extremely short wands (eight inches and under) and very long wands (over fifteen inches), these are exceptionally rare. In the latter case, a physical peculiarity demanded the excessive wand length. However, abnormally short wands usually select those in whose character something is lacking, rather than because they are physically undersized (many small witches and wizards are chosen by longer wands).”
**The wands are all handmade by me with BAMBOO (not plastic) and each one is unique/one-of-a-kind, hand painted (some sprayed for a certain finish) and sealed with an acrylic gloss.

If you are looking for an “official wand” ranging from $46+ you can visit:

Message me for special requests and pricing

NOTE: From my own experience you can play with them, drop them, and keep them in a bag, but they are NOT meant for intense activity and they’re not swords. If you sit on it, fall on it, keep it in your pocket, or try to snap, it WILL break. Please keep in mind it is a handmade and hand painted product and not manufactured in a facility.

**SHIPPING/HANDLING costs will also vary by quantity. 
STARTING price is $9.50 (that’s 1-3 wands)
5+ - 50 Wands Medium Flat Rate required $13.75**
Larger orders please inquire about shipping

1 character inspired wands: $15.99
5 character inspired wands: $75
10 character inspired wands: $110

For more pricing or questions; please MESSAGE ME.

Olivanders Display Box is also available for purchase on its own or w/wand order.

*These wands and boxes are not affiliated with Harry Potter licensed merchandise. The name “Harry Potter” / Hogwarts is being used for descriptive purposes only.*

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Bamboo, Clay (sometimes), paint, acrylic sealant

Size: 9.5-11 inches

Color: Black

Theme: Harry Potter

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