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Herbal Allergy Tea - Allergi-TEA - Herbal Allergy Remedy Blend

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Perfect for Allergy/Hayfever Sufferers - Try my Herbal Allergy Tea! My Herbal Allergy Tea helps alleviate the symptoms associated with Seasonal Allergies!

You've seen all the allergy relief medication commercials... and if you suffer from seasonal allergies, you know all too well how the allergies can disrupt your every day life! The problem with many of the over the counter medications is that they can leave you feeling listless and drowsy....

Imagine receiving relief from the itchy throat, sneezing, runny nose and itchy, watery eyes with an all natural, herbal infusion that tastes great, and won't leave you feeling like a blob of lint lifelessly floating around in an empty box!

Functional Herbs are blended with Peppermint, which not only imparts a pleasing mint flavor, but also provides the added benefit as an anti-inflammatory herb. The result is a delightfully flavored herbal tea that will help relieve even the worst allergy symptoms quickly!

3.5 ounces of Great Tasting, all-natural Allergy Relieving Herbs in a reusable Tin!

This Tin yields about 42 teaspoons of Herbal "Tea" or about 42 cups of great tasting tisane. That's about 21 cents a cup! I do not usually steep my Tisanes a second time, as most herbs lose much of their potency in the first brewing.

This tisane is delicious served hot with honey. For added seasonal allergy benefits, I recommend using a local, raw honey.

Thank you for visiting my tea shop!

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Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I suffer from severe springtime allergies which start in the early spring/late winter (although, it seems like every year they begin earlier!) and last throughout the summer and into mid-fall.

I have tried every over the counter allergy reliever available, and most of them work just fine, except for the after effects of feeling like the inside of your skull is lined with fuzz. Everything felt so blurry! I needed something all-natural that could provide some relief without the side effects.

I developed this blend with a local herbal expert, using the finest functional herbs without sacrificing flavor.

Materials Used

Herbs, Peppermint, Nettle Leaves, Rose hips, Lime Blossoms, Elder Flowers, Mullen Flowers

Product Attributes

Color: Blue

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