Highly scented Monkey Bread Room Spray 2.8oz Trial size..

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Highly scented Monkey Bread Room Spray 2.8oz Trial size..


In this listing I have: Monkey Bread Room Spray 2.8 oz. Highly scented.

This is a new concept for me. I kind of got this idea and I hope it works out. My idea comes from my many years of soap making. And my dilemma is, in soap making I have to always keep buying fragrance oils. I don't know what they are going to smell like, but I can get a really good idea from the description's that is posted on the oil. I usually buy one ounce bottles of the scents I want to try. And I am able to do three tests on each oil. I make a room spray, I do make a few wax tarts/melts from the amount, and if I have enough to do a really small test in soap I do this too.

Which leads me to what I am all about with my Room Spray idea. I make trial size bottles of fragrances. These are a small batch to test out the fragrances. They come in 2 ounce bottles and weigh around 2.8 ounces (almost 3 ounces). I have to test out my fragrances on products too. So I come up with a kind of new idea that would help both of us. I have various scents I am in the process of listing. Some fragrances might have to be special ordered to fill your order.

This is for a 2.8 ounce of trial size bottle of Room Spray. I make 4-5 bottles of each scent and try my sample out, these are heavily scented trial size. I don't need all this Room Spray so I am making testers for anyone who wants to try a scent. This is all I have of each scent to work with. So let's say you like a trial/ tester. And you wanted to make room spray with this particular fragrance oil. Then I have a concentrated form that I sell. And if the fragrance is in stock.

You as the buyer/tester get a finished product to try out. If your selling Room Sprays now you could benefit from trying the trial/tester, cost effective way to test scents. It costs a lot to keep up a soap business. Since I am already invested in the Wax tarts/melts as well. So adding a new concept to my business helps both of us out. I am saving you the shopping, buying, and messing up your kitchen. Pick out what you would like to try, and order. That easy. Use the trial around your home and give yourself a good use of the product.

The various scents I do have are listed below:
Most of these fragrances fall in line with the Autumn season. These would be great for someone with a Primitive household. A collector, etc...I fell in love with all of these. And will list some to share as well. These are made with fresh oils. They are bought in 1 ounce bottles for this project.
Banana Nut Bread
Butterscotch Rum Brittle
Caramel Pecan Pie
Danish Butter Cookies
Cinnamon Bread Pudding
Pumpkin Soufflé
Pumpkin Chai
Toasted Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin Caramel Crunch
Cinnamon Chai
Pumpkin Pie
Apple Butter & Caramel
Sugar Corn Pudding
Monkey Bread
Vermont Maple Syrup

I do have many more fragrances to try out. So this project will keep revolving with fresh scents all the time. Please check back. This might be a really good thing for buyers and me, as the seller. You don't have to buy fragrance oils to test out if you find one your interested in the shop. I have done this for you. Plus I am not so sure of those who use a room spray base. There are many ways to make room spray. I prefer my method and is not from any base.

For those who are vendors or soap makers, I know your in the same situation with buying fragrances too. If you think a minute about this offer it really applies to you as well. The usual way it goes for me, search my suppliers, do a few hours of searching for scents to try. Then I have to buy the items, pay a shipping which seems high in price sometimes, and I pay tax on my purchase. Then wait for the item to arrive. Then for my testing. My kitchen becomes the Lab, and I set out making things with my fragrances. This whole thing is a process. Clean up is a process too.

But if you look through my scent list you might just be surprised to learn of a scent you never heard of. I use fresh oils and the price is right for a tester/trial size. Now you don't have to pay a lot of money just to see what fragrances you would like. I am kind of trying them out myself. So I am sharing with you some trials/testers you can try too. You won't have the mess to clean up and you can try several scents. This gives you a good selection to try out. If you really like some scent then we can talk about the concentrate that makes one Gallon of fragrance Room Spray. Remember this fragrance Room Spray is triple/highly scented. As are my tarts/melts.

If you like melting wax tarts/melts. I make them too. This is from my testing stage as well. I have waxes and sprays to test out. I do all the work for you. Since I am looking for outstanding scents to use in my soap making. This helps me on my road to the best scents. I so far, have various tried and true scents I work with. And they are a staple in my business's. I do make tarts/melts around the Fall theme time frame. It is just a nice smell during this time of year. I will concentrate on other scents as well. Just expect fall scents as of this time of year.

This Room Spray can be used to refresh a rug, pillows, blankets, couch or sofa, curtains, linen's, coat closet, anywhere you need a burst of scent. Potpourri, wreaths, primitive items. Do not use on pets, or pet beds please. Keep away from pets and kids.

Please take a look around and see the many fragrances of Room Spray trial/testers that are available. Check out the description and make your decision. If you don't see any description then there was none. I am sharing a service to you as I work to find a better way to test fragrances. Room Spray tester/trial size, Wax tarts/melts, are some of what I will be listing.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Fragrance oil, Emulsifiers, Preservative

Size: 2.8oz. Monkey Bread Room Spray

Color: Brown

Scent: Monkey Bread

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Thank you very much for considering Three Sisters Soap we want to earn your trust and business.


AllKaratCache on Nov 28, 2016
5 stars

Wonderful presentation and very generous seller. Will be back for more goodies soon!
Patron164712 on Nov 15, 2012
5 stars

Everything smells good! Fast shipping and lots of great samples that I eventually want to buy in full-sized soaps.
Patron141122 on Oct 19, 2012
5 stars

Thank you so much for my order. The soaps not only look beautiful they smell amazing!!The Smellie Jellie Jars smell great!!and are a great value. Great customer service...Debby is wonderful!!
Patron152629 on Sep 19, 2012
5 stars

Patron152629 on Sep 19, 2012
5 stars

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