Authentic real Ferragamo belts, Ferragamo belts,monogram belts


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Authentic real Ferragamo belts, Ferragamo belts,monogram belts


Welcome to the LouisVuitton Luxury Store!

Every bag, shoe, belt we produce is made of genuine Louis Vuitton leather and materials. Each is a privately-made limited edition!

At the LouisVuitton Luxury store, you can find the best solution to protect your suitcase with a beautiful look! In this case, your phone will be protected by the highest quality cases and unique and lovely hand protection.

-All handmade designs will make your phone look amazing
-Each is made of the highest quality environmentally friendly plastic.
-Due to the lightweight and strong material.
-This protective case can perfectly protect your phone from scratches and damage during daily use.
-Shell material is durable and has a glossy or matte effect.
-The design of the case is only high definition. So your device looks great even in daily use.
-The protective cover ensures full access to all buttons, chargers and all necessary openings, and makes your look stylish.

Due to handcrafting and shipping preparation, your order will be generated within 3-5 business days with a tracking number.
Depending on your location, shipping from my country may take 2-3 weeks.
I will always contact you during delivery and you can get all the details online.

I always try to duplicate the exact same color as you see, but unfortunately, depending on the laptop, the display settings on the phone will be different, and sometimes the colors may be different.

If you like something unique about your personality, you can order a personalized cover, including any images you want to protect, just send me a request or contact you via email.

If you have further questions or clarifications, please feel free to contact me. I'm glad to serve you, I will try my best to serve you. Thank you!

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

In 1835, the 14-year-old Mr. Louis Vuitton bid farewell to his Swiss hometown and walked 400 kilometers to Paris to explore the world. He traveled for a full year and finally arrived in Paris.
In order to fill his stomach, at first Louis Vuitton went to work in a luggage store. He started with an apprenticeship of the luggage craftsman, from the royal family to the top craft workshop, and grew from an obscure country boy to a noble hand-crafted hard-box craftsman. .
Louis Vuitton's good craftsmanship has also spread in Paris, and many people have come here to look for custom bags.
In 1853, Louis Vuitton was promoted to be the chief assistant of the boss, and at the same time became Queen's most trusted luggage expert.
Since becoming a royal imperial, fashion guests from the upper social classes have flowed in. In 1854, he opened his own shop of the same name, LOUIS VUITTONS, and personally created a hard case aristocratic brand!
Of course, Louis Vuitton is not smooth sailing, LV has been fighting plagiarism as early as 100 years ago!
The unique shape of the LV travel hard case became the object of imitation of the French fakes at that time.
The initial adjustment was a complex red-and-white stripe decoration, but it was still plagiarized, and finally beige and brown checkers were used.
After so many years, since the death of Louis Vuitton, his son George Vuitton has continued to crack down on counterfeiting. This time, the process is relatively more complicated. The abbreviation L and V in the father's name are used to match the flower pattern, and the medieval style embossing. So that the cottage merchants began to converge.
Although the original design intent was to prevent plagiarism, their beauty continued for more than 100 years, and it still leads the fashion.
In 1875, LV also introduced the Wardrobe Trunk, known as the mobile wardrobe, which was specially designed for women who were afraid of folds or fragile clothes at the time.
LV itself is a brand born for travel. It has been tailored to meet the needs of travelers, protecting their treasures.
In "Titanic", when the search and rescue team arrived at the scene, they picked up the LV hard-shell suitcase that was floating and sunk in the sea.
When this news was released, Louis Vuitton's status as a giant in the leather goods industry was no longer shaken.
As early as 1910, in order to prepare gifts for female VIPs at that time, LV also designed a Monogram hard box full of flowers.
This flower box uses zinc material, which can be completely waterproof, which means it can be used to grow flowers!
Most of the materials selected by LV have waterproof and fire-resistant ultra-high black technology.
It is rumored that there was a fire in a rich family's home, and most of the items in the home were burned. Only the bag of LV Monogram Glace was blackened and slightly deformed on the outside, but the inside was safe.
LV's legend of waterproof and fire resistance, you may feel exaggerated, but anyone who has used it knows that this is the most resistant bag in the same price brand.
The advent of the automobile era has once again inspired the LV creative craze. It also deliberately designed a special luggage for cars, which can hold almost everything needed for car travel, and even spare tires.
LV also makes hard cases for major trophies.
Rugby World Cup 2015
LV America's Cup Trophy Hard Case
2018 FIFA World Cup

Don't talk about the value of this trophy, the material of this specially customized trophy box is definitely exploding!
LV has always been a symbol of social status. The noble royal style was no longer popular in the late 1990s, but youth and vitality.
LV bag is like a loyal friend. It doesn't need special care, and it should never be taken lightly, because he never fails to live up to your expectations.
No brand of bag can be used for more than ten years and naturally evolve to another extraordinary value.
This is perhaps the reason why Japanese LV shops are the most sought-after.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Louis Vuitton leather

Pattern: Lv

Color: Yellow

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All Other Countries
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Standard delivery:
China e-mail package (10-20 days arrival) $20.88 USD
Delivery upgrade: need to contact me
China E-ems Express (7-15 days to arrive) $42 USD
DHL Express (3-7 days to arrive) $68 USD

Returns and exchanges:
If the phone case is not used, it can be accepted within 7 days of receipt, but if you choose a phone case, you must pay the wrong shipping cost. Only the quality problem or my mistake can transport the wrong phone case.

Processing time:
It takes about 2-5 working days to prepare for delivery. The more complicated the design, the longer it takes. If you have an urgent need, please leave a message before placing your order.

Wholesale price:
If you want to join us and become our transportation member, please contact us.

Customized order:
If you want to customize the phone case, please contact us at

Buyers are responsible for paying all taxes and royalties that may be required for certain countries, but we will provide any assistance to help with the release of the package. If you know how to avoid taxes or tax breaks, please contact us before the shoes. Shipped.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions:


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