Watercolor Micron Ink Wings Blue Green Portrait Ghost, $60, 1 Blue

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Watercolor Micron Ink Wings Blue Green Portrait Ghost, $60, 1 Blue


14" x 17" Traditional Print
Materials: Watercolor, Ink
A portrait of a girl with blue hair and green cloth around her shoulders. To the viewer, she is facing to the left. Her skin is pale with green, blue, and purple shadows. A pair of light blue wings protrude above her ears. There is a golden outline of a circle behind her head. The background is a gradient of a red-brown color to white. She has literally no color in her eyes, implying she has no pupil, iris, or shading in her eyes.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

This is actually a redraw of a drawing I did 3 years ago. The original has her facing to the left 3/4 view, and I took a x-acto knife and cut out the eyes and slightly open mouth in the original. At that period of time, I liked cutting out pieces of the paper because I thought it was cool and different. It was different, but now I realize cutting out the eyes and mouth was kinda creepy, so I did not this this in piece but simply just kept the eyes white.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Watercolor, Ink

Size: Large

Color: Blue

Theme: Ghost, Ethereal

Color: Red, Brown, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold

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