12" Cocktail Muddler (Wood), Bar, Mixed Drink Muddler, Kitchen Utensil


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12" Cocktail Muddler (Wood), Bar, Mixed Drink Muddler, Kitchen Utensil


This is a hand-turned wooden cocktail muddler, crafted from planks of maple, cherry, and walnut wood. This is a must have tool for crushing ingredients in cocktails, such as oranges, cherries, mint, etc. and makes a great gift! A seasoned bartender makes an experience of making cocktails, and the muddler is his go-to tool for the job. Whether its a mojito, a mint julip, an old fashioned, or a sangria, the muddler is an indispensable utensil.

This muddler is just the right size. It fits comfortably in the hand, is long enough to muddle ingredients in tall glasses, but is also small enough to muddle short glasses as well. The muddling end has a slight convex curve to allow a rolling motion when muddling and to prevent ingredients from sticking to the bottom. This muddler is beautifully finished with a butcher's block conditioner, a food safe mixture of mineral oil, beeswax, and carnauba wax to create a buffer between the wood and drink and to prevent any unintentional flavoring of the drink.

These cocktail muddlers are hand-turned on a wood lathe, and each is unique. They are roughly 12" in length, +/- 0.25" with a 1.25" diameter. Because each muddler is hand crafted one at a time, each one is slightly different. While the type of wood is constant throughout each piece, each one has different layers and different grain patterns. However, each muddler is just as beautiful as the next, and each muddle very well.

Options: a small flattened spot on the side to prevent rolling; a loop of leather cord on the top with which to hang the muddler—these options are shows together in the second to last and last images above, but can be ordered independent from each other.

To care for you muddler:
Hand wash after use
Towel dry
Included is a small bottle of mineral oil, liberally apply this every 2-4 months, depending on usage

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I made the first muddler as a special request from my father in the summer of 2019, and it turned out beautifully. I decided to make many of them and sell them for everyone else to enjoy as well.

Materials Used

Maple, cherry, and walnut wood strips laminated together and cut at an angle.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Maple, cherry, walnut wood

Size: 12" long, 1.25" diameter, see above description

Color: White

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