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Reconstructed Egyptian Revival Vintage Relic Necklace

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Reconstructed, reinvented vintage relics compose this Egyptian Revival piece, with definite Victorian styling. I have titled the piece, "Love Among the Ruins". I found the brass finding under the front porch of our Victorian holiday home in Eureka, Nevada. Unfakeable natural patina and some corrosion on the back. I added a wonderful brass and enamel mummy, it's a retractable pencil, sans lead, that probably belonged to a fob. It's definitely an Egyptian souvenir. Measuring about 1.25 inches or 3 cm, it's amazingly detailed. The brass finding above measures about 1.5 by 1.75 overall or about 4 cm by 7cm, and it says Kansas City 1924, The Heart of America, Imperial Council. I've used faceted natural sapphires, vintage filigree and chippy Haskell type pearls, rock crystal and some soft, mysterious looking vintage glass beads, vintage black glass, sterling wire, contemporary brass chains that complement the patina of the vintage focals. Rhinestone rondelles, a small brass key and bit of engraved cufflink, the necklace adjusts to about 26 inches or 66 cm with a sterling fish hook clasp. One and only one, ever, shipped to you in a lovely gift box, with a handwritten story.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Created expressly for Artfire Victoriana Guild's June Challenge, the theme being Victorian Holiday. The Egyptian Revival Period stretches that a bit, but I think I created balance with Victorian Style festoon designing. I've a story to tell about this piece....

Enid Matthews, the colorless spinster librarian bore with resignation society's taunts and whispers. People were cruel here, small minds in this small Kansas town...women who were not fortunate enough to have grabbed a man and the proverbial picket fence were ostracized and pitied. She wore (gasp) split skirts, floppy felt hats and her spectacles dangled perpetually on the end of her nose. Day after day in the silent and musty tomb of her employer, she listened to the ticking of the clock as her life drifted past without companionship, adventure, love. Sighing as she cleared her desk at the end of another long and uneventful day, a newspaper advertisement caught her eye. An archaeological tour to Egypt? A month? In less than a week she was on her way.

Enid wasn't surprised to find she was the only female in the group, this was after all, a man's country, a man's world. Her first day at the site, she stood on the edge of the dig, a myriad of thoughts and emotions, she was exhilarated! At one with the desert sands, covered with a fine dust, moist with the heat of the sun, blinded momentarily with the glare, she stepped forward and lost her footing. Tumbling over the edge and down the slope, a rock dislodged and she was rendered unconscious before she hit bottom.
When she came to, it was night, and her travelling companions were long gone. Lying beside a campfire, a Dark Man was carefully tending her, bathing her wounds. They spoke long into the night.

Emerging from the tent, her face flushed, long tangled auburn hair, lightly tanned chest bared to reveal her camisole, adorned with a precious gift from the Dark Man. It became her signature, she wore it to the taverns in the city, on the various sites, and under the stars with nothing else.
In Kansas, they hired a new librarian.

Materials Used

vintage findings, vintage beads, brass chain, sterling wire

Product Attributes

Color: Green

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