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Adapt An Already Sewn Bag For All Bikes You Are Likely To Encounter

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This 25 page PDF pattern thoroughly examines and demonstrates how to adapt a already sewn bag into a nice bag for attaching to your own bike(s)! This pattern is the result of a year’s time of testing and retesting many bags for safety, ease of sewing, and simply look like it was made for bike use rather than the other way around.

In the instructions, you will find 2 bags used as an demonstrator that were made for either 1. attaching directly onto the handlebars (very easy and quick to do), or 2. adapting a bag to a fixed support frame (i.e. Brompton’s own one or even to a rear rack or the back of the saddle). I used many photographs and illustrations to document my steps in selecting the right bag, marking, then sewing it up.

Being a PDF pattern, only the instructions will be sent via email to the email address you wish to be sent to, or by default, your Artfire one. Supplies and other required items are not included in this sale (sold separately). I like to send the pattern out within 24 hours after payment received at my Paypal account, but do allow for possible technical difficulties outlined further on my Policy page.

Materials Needed (Not Included In The Pattern)
Sewing Level: Recommended For Intermediate Sewers and above. Can be attempted by beginners if they have someone to guide them.

Adaptation Of An Already Constructed Purchased Bags
Materials List
For Both Methods:
Simple not too dense or heavy fabric, Unlined bag-no pockets, batting, or anything else that will come between the needle and the back of the bag-measuring the area where you plan to hang or place it on (in my examples, I use bags approx. 11-18 inches (28-46 cm) or so, but do measure first

Good quality polyester sewing thread
Tailor’s flexible soft cloth/plastic Measuring Tape
18” (46 cm) Metal Ruler
Chalk (I used white chalk, but have some colored ones in case your bag is very light in color, or you may use a soft #2 pencil if you don’t have colored chalk)
Painter’s Masking Tape
Well oiled running clean domestic sewing machine with jeans weight needle installed

Optional For Finishing Strap Cut Ends: Candle

Bag’s Simple Attachment Directly To The Handlebars Method Only:
½-3/4 in (2.5 cm) wide either purchase 1 package or about 1 yard/meter in length Sew in Velcro fastener
1 yard or meter of 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide nylon/polyurethane webbing

For Bag’s Attachment Directly To The Brompton’s Frame Method Only:
(Fixed Frame Attachment)
purchase at least 2 yards/meters of 2 inch wide (5 cm.) Sew-In Velcro (you might need more so measure the bag and estimate before purchasing the Velcro. I always find a use for the leftovers anyway).
1 Yard/Meter 2 inch (5 cm) wide nylon/polyurethane webbing

For Brompton bicycle’s own Luggage system only:
You must have the Brompton fitted with these 2 accessories (not included with the pattern’s purchase)

1. Front Carrier Block
2. Front Brompton Metal Carrier Frame (frame only)

Measurements are given in inches or centimeters.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Inspiration came from a flood of free promotional products I collected from the various industry shows I routinely attend to keep up with the developments of the fashion industry. Many of these promotional products were simple “tote” or shopping bags. As I now only use folding bicycles exclusively, the baskets and most other bags intended for regular conventional bikes were not convenient enough-able to fold/roll up in a smaller package or be quickly released from the bike-for my needs. And even if they were, the prices for these accessories quickly made them beyond my financial reach. One day, an idea hit me hard-why don’t I make one of these bags able to be attached to a bike-on my plain-jane 2 stitch only domestic sewing machine? I went through my entire collection of bags and now you will be able to also!

Product Attributes

Color: Grey

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