owl in a cowl , Etsy cartoon, 5 x 7 print


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owl in a cowl , Etsy cartoon, 5 x 7 print


note: the copyright watermark is used for on-line display only and does not appear on the actual piece.

The title of this piece from my original painting is "Etsy Deluge" and is in a limited edition of 150.

Let's get the specifics out of the way first and then I'll tell you a little of the story behind the piece:

*The image size is 4" x 6" on 5" x 7" on heavy weight Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art Paper.

*It is sent flat with an archival backing mat inside an archival plastic sleeve in a stiff white cardboard mailer.

*The piece is signed with my last name on the front and full name on the back.

*Please read my shop policies for payment and shipping times.

So, here's a truncated version of the story (you can also read more from my blog, http://lisewinne.blogspot.com/2011/04/etsy-deluge-etsy-privacy-issue.html):

Etsy is an on-line site for art, handmade items, supplies and vintage and some resellers that manage to slip in. The site is always featuring owls, cowls, mustaches and certain kinds of rain clouds on its front page repeatedly. They definitely like to promote their own brand of fads and this is the kind of art they'd probably promote... well, except for their name up in the dark cloud soaking their favorite creature, wearable item and human body hair with huge raindrops.

"Etsy Deluge" is not the kind of art I usually make, but it was my way of putting up a cartoon visual when I wrote about Etsy's March 2011 privacy debacle on my blog.

The gist of the privacy issue is as follows:

Etsy changed their privacy policy so that sellers and buyers who didn't want their real names exposed on the site would have to log on to the site and change them manually (in other words, Etsy made it so that everyone who had signed up on Etsy.com would have to "opt out" of having their real names displayed on the site and on search engines). Sellers complained in the Etsy forums, but the forum administrators either silenced the protests or closed forums that brought up the privacy issues and dangers to sellers' customer base.

Anyway, after Etsy changed their privacy policy, this put all buyers' feedback for items that they bought on Etsy out in search engines like google.

The privacy debacle started in the Penny Arcade forums when a buyer's name came up in a google search with the glass artisan dildo she bought on Etsy right next to her on-line resume. From there Ars Technica reported on the issue. Rob Kalin, CEO of Etsy.com, made a special appearance in the comments section of the Ars Technica article, hoping to do some damage control (though he met with a lot of anger from anonymous sellers on Etsy.com).

From there, the story went viral: MSNBC, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Village Voice, Washington Post, Consumerist, Digital Trends, BoingBoing, NY Magazine, NY Convergence, AuctionBytes, Forbes, The Business Insider, The Mary Sue, BuzzFeeed, Geek Sugar, About, Reputation, Now Public, Salon, Help New Security, Gizmodo and About.

The way Etsy decided to deal with the crisis was to hide buyer feedback (instead of making real names "opt-in optional"; i.e. so that buyers who didn't know about the privacy policy change could "opt in" to letting their real names be public). This has its own drawbacks and in many sellers' minds is not a fix at all. Read sellers reactions if you want to:

For more about the whole story and my own reaction to it, you can read more about it on my blog through this link: http://lisewinne.blogspot.com/2011/04/etsy-deluge-etsy-privacy-issue.html

Thank you for stopping by my Artfire shop!

All images and other content Copyright © Lise Winne. You are purchasing the product only and will not have rights to publish, reproduce, alter, copy, print, scan or redistribute.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Etsy's March 2011 privacy debacle: http://arstechnica.com/web/news/2011/03/etsy-users-irked-after-buyers-purchases-exposed-to-the-world.ars

Materials Used

Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art Paper, ink, art

More Info

design elements: owl, cowl, mustache, Etsy, cloud, rain cloud, cloudy sky, deluge, owl on a branch, cartoon, unserious, funny

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Giclee print

Size: 5" x 7"

Pattern: Owl

Color: Blue

Accepted Payments
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First Item: $6.00
Additional Items: $2.50

United States
First Item: $4.50
Additional Items: $2.50


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I ship Monday through Thursday. In some cases, I can also send packages on weekends (please contact me if this is of concern).

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I will not re-imburse for "lost" packages, however, I will gladly replace it with an item at the same value or less. I try to insure most packages, so it is imperative that you tell me as soon as possible if your item does go missing. Some overseas shipments can get stuck in customs for a month and I will not consider your package lost until a month has gone by.



Exquisite card..... would love to see the original piece of artwork this was drawn from; I suspect it's amazingly beautiful. I'll be back. - Lise


Always such gorgeous handmade cards...... buy with confidence - A seller!


Your cards are even more beautiful in person! Super (really super) safe shipping. Lightening fast in plenty of time for Christmas delivery. Thank you so much. Your work is lovely. :)

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