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Mandarin and Honey Revitalizing Mask 2.5 ounces

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Handmade Organic and Raw Clay Mask for Radiant Skin

Deep cleansing, balancing, toning, firming, healing, exfoliating, softening and smoothing. Great for all skin types... including oily, acne prone, sensitive, normal and dry skin. It works wonderfully on mature skin too. Enjoy the soothing and invigorating experience of this nourishing and detoxifying mask. The toning action stimulates your skin, revitalizing your complexion, revealing healthy and radiant skin.

The Purest and Most Superior Quality Ingredients are Used

The Mandarin and Honey Revitalizing Mask contains pure, earth friendly, raw and organic ingredients. I have hand selected every ingredient for its healing and restorative properties.

All ingredients are from manufacturers whom I have chosen for their commitment to protecting animals and our environment and who are dedicated to creating superior quality products. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in creating this mask.

The Mandarin and Honey Revitalizing Mask does not contain any harmful synthetic chemicals, synthetic colors or synthetic fragrances. This organic and raw clay mask is very concentrated and does not contain any water, alcohol` or emulsifiers.

The pure mineral rich spa quality clay detoxifies, firms, tones, improves skins texture, gently exfoliates, removes surface oil, draws out oil and impurities from within pores, tightens pores, leaves skin very soft and smooth, deep cleanses, purifies, and clarifies.

The raw and organic aloe used in this luxurious mask contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids, is very soothing, anti-inflammatory, healing, moisturizing, and is especially beneficial for sensitive and dry skin.

Pure raw and antioxidant rich blend of organic oils have anti-inflammatory properties and are used to soothe, soften, heal and strengthen skin tissue - as they protect your skin from damaging environmental free`radicals - keeping your skin youthful and healthy.

Raw and organic cruelty`free honey hydrates, exfoliates, soothes, nourishes and is antibacterial and contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, live enzymes and is high in antioxidants.

The special blend of organic essential oils used is naturally antibacterial, restorative, smoothing, skin healing, and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Using a thin layer under and on the outer corners of your eyes reduces puffiness, dark circles and lines. It's also great as an overnight spot treatment, or anytime spot treatment to heal blemishes.

The Mandarin and Honey Revitalizing Mask is very detoxifying and will draw out impurities from within your pores. When you see impurities on the surface that have not been rinsed away - you can use a very soft wash cloth and gently buff away these impurities.

After removing the mask, your skin will look and feel cleansed, toned, supple, soft, smooth and luminous.

Key Ingredients

* Pure Clay Minerals
* Raw and Organic Aloe Vera
* Raw and Organic Antioxidant Rich Oils
* Raw and Organic Honey
* Organic Blend of Essential Oils

* To preserve freshness, please keep container tightly closed and store mask in a cool place. Refrigerate for optimal freshness.

Raw Aloe Vera is a fresh plant material that contains many beneficial properties including essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc... All aloe vera gel will contain some amount of preservatives. I have researched many different aloe vera gels for the Mandarin and Honey Revitalizing Mask, and I have chosen an Aloe Vera Gel that is organic and cold-pressed (raw) with the most natural and wholesome preservatives.

The Aloe Vera Gel used in the Mandarin and Honey Revitalizing Mask is cold-pressed and produced from organic Aloe Vera plants. It contains a minuscule amount of natural preservatives. These natural preservatives are Potassium Sorbate (consisting of the potassium salt of sorbic acid), Citric acid derived from citrus sugar and Xanthan gum (a polysaccharide derived from the bacterial coat of Xanthomonas campestris). These natural preservatives are essential to preserve the freshness of the Aloe Vera Gel and to help with the shelf life.


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Skin Care Tip: Always wash your face before going to sleep... whether or not you are wearing makeup. Dirt and oil build up on your skin throughout the day, so cleansing your face before going to bed lets your skin breathe and keeps it youthful and healthy. This is also the time when your body restores itself. Wash your face for 1-2 minutes twice before bed. Wash once to first cleanse away the dirt and oil, and again to really cleanse your skin. After washing your face, rinse with cool or cold water to remove all traces of cleanser and to feel refreshed.

Note: As with all clay applied to the body, those with unusually sensitive skin may experience some irritation. This reaction is not common. The toning action of the clay stimulates the skin, which may cause a temporary pinkness. The pinkness is also from the deep cleansing and detoxification. This is natural. The degree of pinkness depends on your particular skin tone and skin type. To check your skin for sensitivity, you can perform a small patch test first. The Mandarin and Honey Revitalizing Mask is very restorative and detoxifying. Although it is rare, some people may experience some blemishes within the first two weeks of using the mask. This is a good thing. This is happening because impurities are being drawn out from within your pores. This is only temporary - the blemishes will go away and you will notice an improvement in the texture of your skin. This can occur in the first 2 weeks of using any new skin care product.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Hi! My name is Lisa, and I am dedicated to creating organic, raw and all natural skincare. I used to have problem skin with acne and I have tried many different products on the market, including prescription medicine from a dermatologist and over-the-counter products. Nothing worked-and many of them irritated my already sensitive skin. So, I decided to make my own skin care using only organic, raw, and pure ingredients. I did a lot of research, purchased my ingredients and started formulating my mask. And that's how I created the Mandarin and Honey Revitalizing Mask! I decided to make my organic masks as Christmas gifts for my friends and family, and everyone loved the masks! They all encouraged me to sell them, and that's how ShimmerOrganics was born! My skin is healthier and looks better than it has ever looked, and it is such a wonderful feeling helping others to have healthy, youthful and beautiful skin!

Materials Used

Pure, Raw, Organic ingredients... and Love

Product Attributes

Color: Green

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