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Lime Green Square Glass Plate

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Square fused glass dish of lime green iridescent glass with inset corners of gold dichroic glass accents.

Fused glass is formed in a glass kiln from multiple layers of colored glass melted together (or "fused") and then shaped (or "slumped") over a ceramic heat-proof form. Each piece has been fired at least 3 times: once for the initial fusing, then again to fire polish the edges after they have been smoothed, and finally to form the shape of the vessel.

These are color proof, as well as food-safe and dishwasher-safe. No additional chemicals were used to make this plate other than fusible colored and iridescent glass and dichroic glass.

This dish has softly curving edges and measures 5 1/2" x 5 1/2".

Dichroic glass is a special type of glass originally developed for the NASA space program, and is glass which contains multiple ultra-thin layers of metallic oxides which have been bonded to the glass in a vacuum chamber. The word dichroic means "two colors" because of the two different reflected and transmitted colors it displays, and it looks almost holographic when viewed from different angles.

This process is very specialized and quite costly to produce, thus jewelry and other glass objects containing it often are more expensive than pieces without it.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I love the color and sparkle of glass and especially dichroic glass, which is made from fusing the special dichroic coating to fusible glass, which creates the shimmery, sparkly look to it. This dish was made with a kiln form with wavy, curly edges, making it a unique piece of usable glass art.

Materials Used

Fusible glass, dichroic glass

Product Attributes

Color: Green

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