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Fairy dolls eyes 1pr 2.5mm / 5mm choose from 34colours!

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One pair of entirely handmade tiny double glazed eyes

The photo is highly magnified -please get a ruler and pen to draw the actual mesurements given.

Here is a size chart to help you choose the right size eyes

Ready made eyes, and packs of eyes are cheaper, you can find them in my other listings :-)

Irridescent iris width/diameter 2.5

Total eyeball width/diameter appx 5mm

Irises and pupils are very neat, and exceedingly closely matched. The picture can make the eyes look squiffy! sometimes using the zoom helps recify this, sometimes its due to the angle of the eye in the photo.

Lightfast, strong and heatproof to 130c

They are suitable

for use (with the metal pins intact or removed) in single or series bake polymer sculptures.

The eye pins are really helpfull to set the eyes in the right position, and can be cut to size with wire cutters.

They can be made without wire pins if prefered.

Even when viewed at normal magnification, the detail and neatness is truly incredible for this scale.

For selling your fairies on the internet - they will never be viewed at the larger magnification I have displayed.

Please wear protective goggle things, or at least cover the pins with a cloth once positioned ready for cutting, so that the bits don't fly off into your own eyes when cutting as they ARE inclined to do!!!

S'il vous plaît porter les choses protectives de lunette protectrice, ou au moins couvrir les épingles avec un tissu une fois disposé prêt pour couper, pour que les morceaux ne volent pas de dans vos propres yeux en coupant comme ils sont inclinés pour faire ! !

Bitte tragen Sie schützende Schutzbrilledinge, oder wenigstens bedecken die Nadeln mit einem Tuch einmal eingestellt bereit für Schneiden, damit die Bits ab in Ihre eigenen Augen nicht fliegen, wenn Schneiden, als sie geneigt werden, zu machen!!

Due to variances between monitor displays, actual colours often vary slightly from those seen, I have tried to name the colours help you understand them better.

Please use the photo and the names together in your mind, in order to visualise the colours.

Please note that the berry eyes are truly RED. They are the only color which is NOT iridescent, they have a gloss finish.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I started sculpting miniature lifelike figures in polymer clay a few years back. Finding the painting of eyes on such a scale really difficult; impossible to match, impossible to do neatly and not get paint on the inner eyelid, I searched for ready made insertible eyes.
The only ones I found were lovely but ill matching glass eyes or badly proportioned eyes with off centred pupils. All were limited in color and size availabiliy. Most had very little white , making the overall eye curve too sharp . Sculpting eyelids needed a lot of compensatory consideration, and still the eyes just didnt look quite perfect!
So, I had to figure out how to make my own insertible eyes! The ones I now have for sale are the result of many trials with different materials, methods and techniques over a 2 year period.
They have been purchased by many delighted sculptors since 2006.
The overall working time given to make a pair of eyes is about 10 minutes, it takes considerable concentration and a certain frame of mind, often I just cannot do it at all, and always there is about 20% reject stock made in the process!
Whatever frame my mind is in, I cannot paint eyes all day long because my eyes hurt after 20 minutes and I need a break!
When I find myself having a 'good eye day', I make up the ready made, ready to dispatch pack selctions that you may find in my shop from time to time.
The eye blanks are made up in advanced and stored.
After making the blanks, 1 resting/setting day is needed between each of the remainin 6 painting and glazing procedures. This averts some of the earlier teething problems that I used to have - paint, glaze or eye cracking, which only came to light after 3-4 months!
For this reason, made to order eyes take up to a week to dispatch to you.

Materials Used

polymer clay, lightfast artist pigments, steel, acrylic varnish

Product Attributes

Color: Blue

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