Train Track Tri-Band Braided Bangle Amazonite /Copper(Medicinal)

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Train Track Tri-Band Braided Bangle Amazonite /Copper(Medicinal)


This is one of Coiffures Trademark Designs called the Tri Band Braided Bangle, that Coiffure incoporates her Original Braiding and the Bold Design can be worn as a Unisex bangle by men or women. This also has Coiffures Original Clasp that she holds the title to, You wont find this bangle made by anyone else unless explicitly with Permission of Coiffure.The Letter of Authenticity and Instructions for care will be included in this purchase as well. There are other Tri Band Designs with different stones and different clasps in her store so dont forget to shop around and come back often as Coiffures is adding more every day. This would make a wonderful gift to anyone man or woman so give style as a gift and you cannot go wrong ever. Enjoy a Coiffures Original, and did I mention it is a size 8+, maybe 8 1/2, and can be altered to be larger or smaller by custom order. Any custom orders pay a slight fee for the adjustment, but Coiffure can do this and have it to you within a week. Enjoy the Gift Giving of Classy Style made for a King or Queen. Enjoy a Coiffure Jewelry Design Today. Made in the USA! Check out more info about copper as Medicinal for arthritis helping with circulation etc.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Coiffures Braiding is from her Career of Hairdesigner for over 30 yrs. She incorporates her love for braiding into her designs with wire. Its one of her trademarks of the jewelry trade.

Materials Used

Turquoise Jasper and Pure 100% Healthy Copper and a dream

More Info

Copper jewelry of all kinds are very medicinal as long as they are 100% Pure Copper without a coating. The Patina that forms on copper is from the acids of the skin and heat of the body and is not toxic as many think but indeed copper does help me with my arthritis and is a reason why I love working with it. Instructions for treating your jewelry for tarnish will also be included with your purchase. Thank you for looking and stop back for more Items to come

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Pure Healthy Copper ,Amazonite beads

Size: 8+

Pattern: Original Design by Coiffure

Color: Red

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Your product will be shipped within 3-5 days of payment received, depending on the weather or design creating circumstances etc. If you are entirely happy with your item, please let me know, and if you have a problem I am happy to resolve any issues that you may have. It is a compliment to have my clients feel completely trusting of me as I am very loyal to my core.
Each One Of A Kind Piece Original Piece Of Jewelry Item is accompanied by a Letter of Authenticity, A lifetime warranty, and Tarnish and care instructions.

All sales are final,but happiness is our most important quality for the client. We will do our very best to make you satisfied!

I know you will be happy with your item as I take great strides to make my creations with the utmost creativity and quality that will satisfy even my own tastes. With that being said I know when you open up your package, a smile will be upon your face, and an energy is transpired with joy :)

Shipping and handling includes insurance .


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