Sacred Woods Incense Jumbo 75+ burnings loose smudgeChaCh


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Sacred Woods Incense Jumbo 75+ burnings loose smudgeChaCh


An absolutely divine scent that is woodsy with some soft middle eastern and citrusy notes. This bag should last a good 75+ smudges on a charcoal burner, although it will vary depending on amount used.

Contains: Pine needles, Cedar Chips, Red Sandalwood, Patchouli, Juniper Berries, Palo Santo chips.


- Pine is said to represent long life and promote it. Sacred to Native Americans .
- Juniper is said to ward off illness , theft , evil influences and enemies. Protects your soul from harm . Sacred to Native Americans .
- Cedar is said to purify the air of evil very, very well, and attract positive energy and spirits. Sacred to Most religions .
- When used together, Pine needles, Juniper Berries, and Cedar are said to ward off illness.
- Patchouli is an excellent purifier of negativity and evil and a huge promoter of good luck , prosperity , and abundance of all types
- Palo Santo has been is said to ward of evil , purify the air , promote energy, vigor, and positivity, and open , cleanse, and balance the lower 4 chakras ( Root aka Muladhara chakra , the Sacral aka Svadhishthana chakra , the Solar Plexus aka Navel aka Manipura Chakra , the Heart aka Anahata chakra
- Red Sandalwood is an amazing purifier of evil, and works even better than regular sandalwood!
- Mistletoe aka Holly: Promotes love and peace . Sacred to the Norse Goddess Frigg aka Frigga.

You will recieve: One 5"x7" organza bag in your choice of color, with your choice of charm. Please say what color bag you want and which charm in the "Note to seller" section at checkout, or I will intuitively pick for you. All products are made to order!

Ask me about combined shipping to lower shipping costs! I will always refund any unnecessary shipping charges.

Customer Satisfaction is important to me! If there is ever any issue with your product once received, please feel free to message me and I will see what I can do for you.

Organza Bag Colors:
- Ivory
- Silver
- Lavendar
- Peach
- Sky blue
- Spring Yellow

Charm choices:

- Pentagram (small)
- Tree of Life (large)
- Sparrow (small)
- Sunflower (small)
- French Cross (small)
- Heart made of Angel Wings (small)
- Heart with Infinity sign (Large)
- Lacework heart (small)
- Infinity sign with the word "Hope" (Large)
- Infinity sign with the word "Love" (Large)
- Crescent Moon with lacing detail (XXL)

USE CAUTION WHEN BURNING. When using charcoal discs, always be sure to burn in a fire resistant and non-melting container. Good choices include but are not limited to iron bowls and ceramic bowls. It is always a good idea to place that fire resistant bowl on a heat resistant surface, such as a ceramic tile. Putting sand in the container is a good method many people use to disperse the heat. Please remember that it is better to burn a little and then add more rather than burn a large amount at first. It is suggested to open the windows when burning incense to allow for good ventilation and is believed by many to carry the negative energy from the space with the smoke. Keeping running water or a bucket of water handy is always a good idea just in case. Please be aware that, as with all burning objects, a gust of air may the smudge to reignite. I suggest putting the product and charcoal out with water, and allowing it to cool for at least 15 minutes before disposing in any other way. THIS PRODUCT PRODUCES LARGE AMOUNTS OF SMOKE, AND ARE NOT RECOMMEND FOR THOSE WITH RESPIRATORY HEALTH CONCERNS. Do not ingest and keep away from eyes and small children.

DISCLAIMER: It is the responsibility of the user to exercise caution when using this product. By purchasing this product you release me from any and all liability.

*I am required by policy to state that this a curio product, I can guarantee no outcome, and Folklore information is for entertainment only. This product will not replace the advice of a liscensed physician. You should always see one if sick.

Product Attributes

Size: 5x7 inch bag, approximately 22 0z

Color: Blue

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