SHEEP-shelf - a wall shelf for storing toilet paper rolls (30 rolls)


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SHEEP-shelf - a wall shelf for storing toilet paper rolls (30 rolls)


Sheep-shelf - a toilet paper storage for a large number of rolls.
This shelf allows you to place in an easy and joyful way an entire package of toilet paper (30 rolls) on a wall, freeing up some precious square feet.
The wall shelf can also be used for other things, such as diapers, small towels, jerseys, etc.
You get a part in creating the sheep's image by choosing where to place the head and feet stickers.

My SHEEP by itself is a very thoughtful sheep and should help you too focus in the right place at the right time on something important.
This shelf is a good gift for the new year, house-warming party and for a good mood on any year in general.

The kit consists of:
1) Shelf made of a transparent flexible plastic - an arc which hangs on two hooks which face each other, the distance between which is - 25.6"/65 cm (the distance is recommended, but may be less)
Shelf depth is - 3.94"/10 cm.
2) Head and two pairs of legs made of a hardwood veneer with double sided mounting tape 6.7 х 6.3" (17 х 16 cm) and 6.7 Х 1.9" (17 x 4.7 cm)

In the photo you can select different types of veneer
I have a video that shows the installation process here:

By buying this shelf, you are involved in improving the environment, as it is made of industrial waste.
Delivery time to most countries is approximately 15-21 days.
For wholesale orders a discount is guaranteed.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Back when I lived in a tiny apartment with a tiny bathroom, the package of toilet paper didn't even fit between the wall and the toilet, I took matters into my own hands, and created my first sheep. Her first look wasn't too appealing, but like any mother, her child looks gorgeous. I shared the picture with my friends with best wishes for the upcoming year of the sheep. People really liked her, so she started on her long road to perfection, and is now my "business card".

Materials Used

Veneer of various valuable species of wood, double sided tape, transparent plastic,

More Info

You can choose one of the available veneer colors 1, 2 or 4

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Various kinds of veneers.

Pattern: Big Sheep

Color: White

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