Glow in the Dark Mushroom House with Gnomes Feeding a Bunny Carrots

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Glow in the Dark Mushroom House with Gnomes Feeding a Bunny Carrots


This whimsical sculpture is a one of a kind creation and was sculpted by hand using Premo polymer clay. In this fun fantasy scene Mr. and Mrs. Gnome stand in front of their mushroom house feeding a cute bunny carrots. The Gnomes are very proud of their unique home which they fashioned (using a bit of magic) from a large mushroom. The door features a heart shaped glow in the dark doorknob. These gnomes are all about the love! The windows glow in the dark as well, as does the underside of the mushroom cap. The top of the mushroom cap is a mix of blue and green clay highlighted with teal blue Pearl Ex powder and glow in the dark powder. Three glow in the dark hearts are spaced around the cap . The front step was sculpted from black and gray clay to resemble a large stone. Glow in the dark flowers with red centers twine around the stem of the mushroom, circling the door and windows. The mushroom measures about 3 1/2 inches tall and the cap is about 4 inches wide. The gnomes are very proud of their yard and Mrs. Gnome loves flowers and has a wide variety throughout the yard. Each tiny flower and leaf was meticulously sculpted by hand. Purple, blue, yellow, white, glow in the dark, and pink flowers grow around the house. The bunny rabbit was sculpted by hand in shades of gray and his fur has been textured to add to the realism. (I do enjoy mixing realistic animals with fantasy characters) The bunny has been painted a grayish brown with a white muzzle, chest, tail, and paws. He measures about 2 inches long from nose to tail and 1 1/2 inches tall to the tip of his ears. Mr. Gnome is wearing blue shoes, light blue pants, a teal shirt, a dark blue jacket, and a red hat. He has a silvery gray beard and blue eyes. He holds a carrot in each hand, also painstakingly sculpted to the tiniest detail, including the green tops. Mr. Gnome stands about 2 inches tall to the top of his hat. Mrs. Gnome is wearing a purple dress and a pink hat. She has blonde hair and green eyes and stands about 2 inches tall to the top of her hat. She holds a red basket filled with carrots and is handing Mr.s Gnome another carrot to feed the hungry bunny rabbit. The basket and each carrot was sculpted by hand from polymer clay. This piece took many hours to complete and I took great care to sculpt every tiny detail. This is one of those sculptures that you can just get lost in! And to see it in the dark is truly magical!

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

This all started with the cork from our New Year's Eve bottle of champagne, which is part of the armature for the mushroom house. Once I got started sculpting the mushroom the piece just sort of developed from there. Gnomes and mushroom houses go together, as do gnomes and bunny rabbits, so those characters were created. And since bunny rabbits love carrots I had to sculpt the gnomes feeding him carrots. The red basket was actually modeled after my own garden basket ;) And I love flowers, so I had to add plenty of those! And glow in the dark clay and powder is just so much fun to play with and adds a magical dimension to any sculpture, so there you have it!

Materials Used

Premo polymer clay

More Info

If this wasn't exactly what you were looking for feel free to contact me about custom orders at

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Polymer Clay

Pattern: Flowers, gnomes, mushroom, bunny rabbit

Color: Blue

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I recieved the dragon today..It is awesome..even better than the photo. You are truly a artist..My daughter is going to love it..Mary at NiteOwlCreations.


AWESOME customer! Knows a GR8 bargain when she sees it. Thank you for shopping with B.A.Kidagain2! Happy crafting.


Thanks Michelle! The pen is adorable! I appreciate the cards and my free gift!! Peggi


Clive is adorable! Excellent detail and shipped super fast!!


OMG!!!! Michelle, I don't know HOW you do it! My little scarecrow arrived today!!!!! I LOVE HIM! Pictures cannot begin to capture all the detail you put into him! AMAZING! SIMPLY AMAZING!!!! I cannot wait until Fall, so he's ALREADY on his shelf right as you walk in our door!!!! Thank you so much, Darlin' you ROCKED IT!



Fantastic Buyer! Thank you for everything. Enjoy your items! Stop back by anytime =)
Take Care,


OMG!! Michelle, I am soooo in love with your acorn guys!! I can hardly stand it! Thank you so much for making them into magnets so I can enjoy them all year long! Fall is my FAVORITE season and these guys made my day :) The scarecrow magnet ROCKS!! He's a welcome addition to our refrigerator. These guys all give me such a smile every time I see them :)



Wonderful communication with this seller on this custom order. She was even diplomatic when I forgot the last step on the buying page and she had the product finished, but didn't have the money. These are going to be the perfect gifts for my nieces.


These cute erasers are going to my grandbabies when I see them in November. They are going to love them! Affordable and unique, they will be the talk of the preschools.


Thanks for your order and quick pay!...delightful buyer/seller...peek out her creative critters sculptures!


Great Sun Face! Strong magnet too. Love it! Keep on the sunny side! Thank you.


My favorite CreativeCritter :D
Thank you so much for your order! Your items are safely on their way to you right now =)

Thanks again Michelle!

~ Becki


Oh Michelle, be still me heart!! These newest magnets are just adorable! And the leaf--Honey, YOU gave me such a smile tonight!! You're a Doll and I thank you from the bottom of my heart :)



Thanks Michelle!!!
I'm happy to report she actually attacked it and played with it ... so unladylike for her ;)
That must be some pretty fresh catnip!
Very well made w/thick tight yarn work... and thanks for the magnet gift, I'll use it in my Studio & think of you!


What can I say? Thank you so much for the wonderful catnip toys. Mookie got his in the mail and my sister said he adores it. He plays with it, cuddles with it, sleeps with it. It warms my heart to know that he is happy, safe, and warm. When I think of where he came from, it still makes me cry. You're little catnip toy is bringing him so much joy. Thank you so much Michelle. (((hugs))) button


Michelle always does a fine job of creating beautiffuly whimsical things. I love these earrings!


Thank you so much for sending the items so fast! They are so cute in person and I love the little snowman magnet you added.


kitty is loving the catnip mouse, very cute, fast shipping, highly recommended Artfire artisan.


Highly recommended Artfire artisan, one of my favorites, thank you....:) Cat


Fast shipping, great communication and fabulous product!
ColtPixy ............

Woo-Hoo! Catnip!!!!!
luv and purrrrs from:
Angel, Madeline, Rico, Chester and Emily

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