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Big 155MM White Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Healing Energy Stone Sphere

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Big 155MM White Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Healing Energy Stone Sphere


Size : 155MM (6.2" Inches) Approx.
Weight : 6.165 kgs. (13.58 lbs) Approx.
Material : White Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Stone
Color: White And Black.
Style : Sphere (Ball)
Chakra: Sacral Chakra
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Origin: India

*Please expect natural sun light effect & variation.
*You will buy/received exact as photos.
*Stand free included.


You buy a Beautiful Flashy cut and polished Very Rare Large Rainbow Moonstone Spheres from India carry a soothing vibration and can be used for energy work, for meditation, to brighten up the energy in a room. Sometimes known as White Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone connects us to Divine Inspiration, and channels it into our own intuition. Working with Rainbow Moonstone encourages introspection and judgment,yielding easier decision making.
It also enhances one's emotional vision, bringing greater creative abilities and freedom of expression.

These properties are also enhanced by Rainbow Moonstone's ability to open one up to increased synchronicity that we often cannot see due to being wrapped up in our daily routines. Rainbow Moonstone can also offer increased patience and allowing, so those newly found synchronicities can flow into our lives unimpeded. Rainbow Moonstone can raise our vibrational frequency to create a smoother transition into meditation. It calms the physical mind from the chatter that can affect our meditative state.

This allows us to simply "BE" in that space with no distraction. Rainbow Moonstone allows the Crown Chakra and those above to open and bring in loving white healing energies that will flow through us to the very core of our being. Rainbow Moonstone helps us to remember our true nature.

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Materials Used


Product Attributes

Primary Material: Natural Crystal

Size: 155MM

Pattern: Natural

Color: White

Color: White and Black

Finish: Polished

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