Unique Tiffany Stone and Iolite Solid .925 Sterling Silver Pendant

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Unique Tiffany Stone and Iolite Solid .925 Sterling Silver Pendant


This is a truly amazing pendant!

Like a crisp, dark winter sky, a combination of Tiffany Stone and Iolite, in shifting shades of violet-blue carries the spirit of journey, of dreams and intuition, of exploration and illumination. This very impressive piece of jewelry measures 3.70" in length and is set in solid .925 sterling silver.

A simple metal choker to show-case this eye-catching pendant in elegant style and a contemporary design is added to complete the necklace. The natural color of the gems compliment so many necklines, flatters so many face shapes and creates a mood. It is so elegant you will want to dress around it, which is easy to do because of its beautiful color.

Tiffany Stone is a crystal with a sweet high vibration. It is also known as Bertrandite... and you may find that when you first hold it, that it has a somewhat subtle vibration... that becomes more obvious after you have sat and made a connection with its energy. It is helpful in a number of areas... particularly to aid you to develop your psychic abilities. It also connects to the heart and the higher heart or thymus chakra, bringing through beautiful loving feelings.

Within the throat chakra it has an action that may help to aid communication... both in everyday and psychic communication. It has an excellent healing action in the body. By releasing blockages it is known to enhance and boost your sex life. A variety of names are used to refer to this stone... including Purple Bertrandite, Opal Fluorite, Purple Passion, Purple Opal, Beryllium Ore, Bertrandite and Tiffany Stone. This stone comes only from Utah in the USA. In the past it was almost unobtainable... as it was produced only as a by-product of the mining of Bertrandite at a particular mine.
The reason for mining the stone never had anything to do with crystal collectors, but was to obtain Beryllium. They use this mineral for missile nose cones, as it is said to not heat up at high speeds. Once the mine decided to close to collectors, specimens of the stone became hard to obtain. Fortunately for collectors of these lovely stones, another mine has been opened in the last few years, that is now supplying Tiffany stone to the crystal world.

These new stones may look different to some of the old stones... but have similar metaphysical properties. These stones are said to be a mixture of Beryllium and other minerals... including quartz, chalcedony, opal, manganese oxides and Bertrandite, that formed into rock and relates to volcanic activity. They come in a mixture of beautiful colors... including purples, blues, yellows and white.
This high vibration crystal is an excellent aid to help you to develop a range of psychic powers, including some well known gifts such as psychic visions... aka clairvoyant abilities, clairaudience aka psychic hearing, channeling and telepathic abilities.

Wearing Bertrandite jewelry aids you to be more aware of messages coming to via your intuitive guidance and may be helpful to aid you to develop your intuition. It is a strong psychic communication crystal, and is known to aid you to develop the type of communication with spirit that is for your highest good. This crystal is excellent to use in meditation as it will help you to make a stronger spiritual connection.

Iolite is known as the Vikings' Compass, and provides the vision to move us, physically and spiritually, from one realm to the next. Leif Eriksson and other Viking explorers who ventured far out into the Atlantic Ocean, away from any coastline that would help determine position, used thin pieces of Iolite as the world's first polarizing filter. Looking through an Iolite lens, they could determine the exact location of the sun and navigate safely to the New World and back.

A property called pleochroism is very pronounced in Iolite, producing different colors when the stone is seen through different positions. Overall, Iolite appears as violet-blue or indigo, but in different positions may shift to a yellow-gray or honey color, and even to a clear light blue. It is also referred to as "Water Sapphire" or Dichroite. Iolite's name comes from the Greek ios, meaning violet, and is the gem version of the mineral Cordierite.

Iolite helps in recovering balance, and is recommended for those suffering from disorientation, lack of motivation, chronic disorganization, and distraction. It strengthens the resolve to take on responsibility and carry through, and provides self-assurance and endurance in adverse situations. It is an excellent source of energy when used for the elimination of debt and the responsible management of money.
Iolite restores a sense of perspective to those who feel they are jinxed, and inspires anyone with a chaotic life to start to bring order in small practical ways.

Iolite resonates with the energy of twilight, a beautiful violet-blue that stimulates the astral bodies and psychic awareness. It reveals realms beyond the usual waking consciousness and is ideal for astral projection, dimensional and other inner vision works, and is excellent for past- and alternate-life work.
Iolite is a stone of the muses, activating the visionary, creative side of the mind, and accessing thoughts and ideas beyond the ordinary. It inspires creative self-expression through writing, song, movement and other artistic endeavors.

Use Iolite to strengthen family dilemmas. Place in the living area if sibling rivalry or the presence of a new step-parent is causing a child to feel excluded. Use Iolite if family members have over-high expectations of you, or if your career path was chosen for you because of family connections. As an amulet, Iolite brings travelers safely home. Give a piece of Iolite jewelry or a tumblestone as a farewell gift to students leaving home or emigrating family members. Iolite aids in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction, allowing for the expression of one's true self, freed from the expectations of others.

Iolite Spiritual Energy

Iolite is an excellent crystal for shamanic journeying, increasing the vividness and detail of inner visions, and bringing forward the symbols locked within the psyche that would illuminate the issues one must face for continued growth. It strengthens the resonant link between the mind and the heart.
In shamanic healing ceremonies, Iolite has been used to influence the spirits. The Iolite ring of the shaman is worn to insure accuracy within the vision, and to provide powerful medicinal benefits.
Wearing Iolite helps awakens and sustains one's psychic gifts, making it the perfect stone for astrologers, tarot readers, mediums and other intuitives. It is highly beneficial for those attempting to access information from past lives, especially those associated with the Cathars, the Knights Templar and the Arthurian legends.

As the "violet stone," Iolite is one of the major crystals used in the Third Eye/Crown areas during healing, guided meditations, and during astral travel. Its positioning produces different outcomes and success levels, and should be determined using one's intuition capabilities. Iolite produces an electrical charge when in contact with one's auric field, and both strengthens and aligns with the subtle bodies.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Tiffany stone, Bertrandite, Iolite

Size: 3.70"

Color: Blue

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drtwash on Sep 27, 2016
5 stars

Great frames!
Patron141472 on Jun 30, 2013
5 stars

Mariagrazia never fails to produce a quality piece and joyful smiles upon seeing the order in person. The larimar and prehnite combination is gorgeous and the peridot and citrine compliment them perfectly. Excellent communication.
Patron141472 on May 30, 2013
5 stars

The stalactite pendant is unlike anything else I have. I have a few pendants from Diamond M and am enjoying the boldness of the amber set for a different look. Mariagrazia is a top artist.
hypatia520 on May 24, 2013
5 stars

Wow! All one needs to know about DiamondMDesigns is that this Shop, Artist, and Seller is AMAZING! First Class Service! What a Truly Wonderful Experience! Exactly as described! I love the extra little gift and Thank You for your 100% Professionalism and also for Speedy Communication throughout the process! She is a Treasure! All the best to You Thank You So Very Much For Everything! Ciao Bella! :)
hypatia520 on May 24, 2013
5 stars

Wow! All one needs to know about DiamondMDesigns is that this Shop, Artist, and Seller is AMAZING! First Class Service! What a Truly Wonderful Experience! Exactly as described! I love the extra little gift and Thank You for your 100% Professionalism and also for Speedy Communication throughout the process! She is a Treasure! All the best to You Thank You So Very Much For Everything! Ciao Bella! :)

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