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DIY Video Tutorial + Leather and Tools KIT For Leather Moccasin Making

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DIY Video Tutorial + Leather and Tools KIT For Leather Moccasin Making


DIY Video Tutorials and Leather KIT For Leather Moccasin Making


PROMOTION : 15€ of discount on the Video Tutorial.

Notice that due to COVID19, we have experienced delays in delivery, especially to US, up to 45 days !
For the EU, generally up to 2-3 weeks.

I have selected the BEST AND MOST SUITABLE QUALITY OF FRENCH BULL LEATHER for making extremely comfortable and durable moccasins.

The KIT includes :
- a large leather coupon allowing you to make any size of moccasins (from style Heart, Moon and Leaf).
- an awl to make holes in the leather before sewing it.
- two big saddle needles.
- enough waxed thread to make a pair

After purchasing this, you will receive an email with a link to join my online platform. This will give you a FULL ACCESS TO THE VIDEO TUTORIAL. I have created these courses so that you can learn just as well as if you were by my side. You will be able to do it at home, perfectly at your size, no matter if your feet are "different" and even if you are a complete beginner in crafts.

You will receive an online access to the Video Tutorial of your choice + the Patterns + the PDF tutorial (images and text) + an invitation to the exclusive support group on Facebook.


This tutorial will teach you all you need to know to hand-make your own leather moccasins with a very few tools. Precise explanations will help you to understand each and every step from A to Z .

Inspired from the tradition of the Native Americans, these moccasins are soft-soled shoes with a personalized fitting suitable to wear everywhere.
It has been more than 40 000 years that humans are wearing this kind of shoes and it is surely the best type of footwear one can have.

These patterns have been adapted to suit modern fashion and to be produced in small quantities by craftsman and amateurs.

Besides being beautiful and extremely comfortable shoes,THIS IS THE BEST DESIGN OF FOOTWEAR that I have came across with, in terms of both making and wearing them :

-Every beginner is able to do it.

-You don’t need to know how to draw a pattern because we provide it.

-The standard pattern can be adjusted to ANY feet.
It doesn't matter if you have a long and thin foot or the extreme opposite, our patterns will adapt to any morphology and proportions.

-You’ll need one piece of leather only.

-You’ll need very few tools. (we can provide them for you)

-There is very little stitching.

-The stitch is protected from the ground.

-They are slip-on shoes, no laces or scratches, it takes an instant to put them on.

-It holds very well on the feet.

-They offer complete foot protection while maintaining the feeling of ground texture.

-They offer full flexibility and freedom in movements.

-The style is elegant, unisex, and will suit to any circumstances.

-The are THE travelling shoes to have, they pack as little as a pair of socks.

-They are made of leather which is a natural and durable material.

-You’ll receive the full benefits of being grounded in opposition to other minimalist shoes with rubber soles.

-Your feet will not sweat and stink anymore because the leather is a breathable material.

I am convinced that everyone can complete this tutorial without prior experience in leather work or sewing. A pair can be made in just 2 hours with a bit of practice.

The patterns are included in different sizes so you can make them for anyone (from US 5 to US 11/ EU 35 to EU 45). From the techniques learned in this tutorial, you will be able to make your shoes, be creative and start designing other leather items with the off-cuts.

You can also make your moccasins in other materials such as felt…



It is not always easy to find quality leather that has the flexibility and ideal thickness for moccasin making.
We have selected THE best tannery in France to provide you with french bull leather of exceptional quality. This same tannery also supplies haute couture and luxury leather craftsman. In fact, this leather meets the requirements of European norms in terms of quality, health and environment. To me it also meet my requirements in terms of ethic (respect of environment and waters, local business, no modern slavery, by product of food industry...)

It is chrome-tanned, full grain leather. After tanning, it has not undergone any other alteration in order to preserve the authenticity and the strength of its natural grain. It is the most noble treatment that can be applied to a skin. It has a thickness of 2 mm to 2.2 mm and is characterized by its flexibility as well as a waxy and soft touch. This leather is stain-resistant and water-resistant. Its thickness is ideal for making extremely comfortable and durable moccasins.

Choose which color of leather you would like and receive the full kit at home!

Choice of color for leather :
1- Red like a rose
2- Golden Tan
3- Light Tan
4- Sangria Brown
5- Chocolate Brown
6- Warm Grey
7- Hunter Green
8- Very Dark Brown
9- Dark Blue

--> If you would like to match a second color for the "Leaf" Style, please notify what color you would like for the top part in the option box. The color you will choose here will be for the bottom part (sole).

Please specify what is your standard shoes size and the country when ordering.


Product Attributes

Primary Material: Leather, needles, awl, thread

Size: Adult sizes

Pattern: To chose from: Moon, Heart and Leaf Earthing Moccasins

Color: Black

Material: Leather, needles, awl, thread

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All Other Countries
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United States
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Additional Items: $ 7.00


For all our DIY Video Tutorials & Patterns:

As soon as you have purchased one of our video tutorials + PDF and patterns, you will receive an email with the tutorial and patterns in attachment. Make sure that the email you have connected to your ArtFire account is correct and still the one you are using. You might also have to check your spam box... It might takes few hours before you receive that email, usually maximum 24 hours.

After choosing the right size of pattern which we explain in the tutorial and the videos as well... You will have to print the right pattern in full scale 100%...

You will also receive a link to access our online platform where you will be able to watch the video courses.
We invite you to first watch it all and/or to read the PDF before starting your pair of earthing moccasins.

Please understand that, due to the digital format of these items, no refund will be possible after I have sent the tutorial and pattern in PDF document...

For the made-to-order custom-fitted Earthing Moccasins:

Since each person have different feet, we will ask you for a few measurements to make sure Lougaya makes them to fit as close as possible to your feet so that they can truly become your second skin. Within the first week of wearing them, the leather will also stretch a little to perfect the fitting.

Lougaya has a good rate of good-fittings (8-9/10) yet there is also a risk that the fitting can go wrong, in such case, I will treat each case individually (including refund or sending another pair).

If you gave us the wrong measurements, no refund possible...


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