Glass Pipe - Glow in the Dark - Color Changing Glass Tobacco Pipe

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Glass Pipe - Glow in the Dark - Color Changing Glass Tobacco Pipe


This glow in the dark glass tobacco pipe is made of GLOW GLASS - rare earth pigments that glow in the dark, and high quality borosilicate glass in clear, coated with pure silver.

They measure 1.5 - 2 inches wide, and 4 - 5 inches long on average.

The glow is bright! Charge it in bright light for a while, and you will see this in total darkness for hours. They glow longest with a longer charge of bright, direct light. (You will be surprised after a moment of charge if you turn out the lights!)

We ship in recycled packaging twice every week. We take care to wrap and ship our glass very carefully. We have NEVER had a piece arrive broken from shipping. Tracking on your package is also included, free of charge. An email goes out on the day of shipping with tracking to your PayPal address. Please let me know if you'd like me to contact you with tracking information at a different email.

Adults only, follow the law. We will not ship anywhere an item is prohibited.

Our glow in the dark tobacco pipes are unique collectibles and great display items. You are responsible to follow your local laws regarding them!

Glowing in the dark, or luminescence, is a simple matter of chemistry. Certain chemicals have molecules that store energy in them from photons when they are exposed to light. This extra stored energy 'excites' them, and not being able to hold on to the extra energy, they will slowly release photons. This causes them to emit a small amount of light, and glow in the dark.

We hand make all of our glass in our home workshop with love!

A REVIEW of our glow -

"Oh my lord..THANK YOU..Miss Amy,Mr. Patrick....I just received my piece from the FIRST 50 FANS giveaway...Oh wow...You don't even KNOW how wonderful she is...and serious business,the girl LIGHTS UP LIKE A CHRISTMAS TREE,after like 30 seconds of charge under a 13 watt CFL "twisty" bulb...Just that fast,closed the bathroom door,and KA-POWWWWWWWWWWWWW...She lights up STRONG,and CLEAR...and there are
NO DEAD SPOTS in the glow of the glass...Completely even...the glow even runs into the little twists of the "horn" on the right side of the spoon.
I'll be getting with you guys by Friday..There's something I'm wanting to buy for THE INCREDIBLY SPECIAL CERTAIN SOMEONE,and I'd be honored and thrilled if it was crafted by you two...I'll get with you about the particulars,as it's a special case indeed.Again,THANK YOU!!"

Materials Used

borosilicate glass, blown glass, glow in the dark, glow glass, skills

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Glass, blown glass, borosilicate glass, silver, glow pigment

Size: Medium

Pattern: Glow in the dark, color changing

Color: Green

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We will not ship to any state where items purchased are prohibited. We will refund your money if it is the case.

You must follow all local laws when ordering! These are collectible tobacco pipes. You must be of legal to age to buy a tobacco pipe in any shop. Also - If you mention anything about using something I sell for anything illegal, I can't sell it to you.

We check to make sure everything is in perfect condition when shipping, and we are very careful to make sure that your new piece of art won't be damaged during shipping. Due to the nature of the items on this page, we cannot offer refunds or returns. If you are heartbroken and devastated about something unfortunate happening during shipping, feel free to get in touch of me, and I will always see what I can do. No complaints, yet!

If you check out opting to pay with check or money order, we cannot ship your order until we receive payment.


Guest User

you guys are absolutely amazing... i've been admiring your work since you still had a pipe shop on etsy and i have to say; it was well worth the wait... the piece is amazing, great shape/design (not to mention that gorgeous blue tone turns like... fluorescent magenta under UV blacklight... it's really something else)... the glow in the dark you use is possibly the best i've ever seen and i'm heavy into glowing things so that really says a lot... anyway, i just wanted to tell you; keep up the epicness... :D

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