Same Day Pregnancy Psychic Reading


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Same Day Pregnancy Psychic Reading


Affordable Eye-Opening Same Day Psychic Instant TEXT Messaging CHAT

Unlimited Questions within the time chosen.

Not a voice, video, email or mp3 reading.

This is an Instant Message Live Psychic Text Chat through WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype or through Etsy Convo.

This reading is truly authentic and is different each time you have a new reading.

Pure angel/fairy channelling and communication.
No tools, No guides.

Examples of the kinds of questions I can answer :

Will I get pregnant naturally or through IVF?
When will I get pregnant?
What can I do to get pregnant sooner?
Will it be a healthy pregnancy?
Will I go full term?
Will I have a boy or a girl?
Will my baby be healthy?
Will my partner be a good dad?
Will I/we be financially stable?
How many children will I have?
Will I be moving to a new house?
Will my boyfriend propose?

Schedule the reading for the same day. (Often within the hour!!!) I also chat in the early hours if it's urgent ?

Operating on the principal of first come first served, I promise to deliver within 24 hours.

Become a part of changing your destiny with this friendly, interactive chat and angelic/fairy intervention.

I'm able to read on nearly all subjects. You name it :)

Information on how to book your reading on will be sent in an email immediately at purchase. So please check your email 🙂

I look forward to reading for you shortly.

It is my aim to prioritize and deliver your reading within 1 to 2 hours.

Being on popular demand, I get booked up fast.

It is therefore my promise to deliver your psychic chat within 24 hours of purchase.

Hint : Only if you have ordered from me before : you may book me as and when needed in advance by having access to my personal schedule. Though you will need to pay for your reading on Etsy before your appointment.



I am a true believer in my work and in all that I do. These are my personal beliefs.

However, it is common sense to understand that, nothing can be promised to you in a psychic reading.

In this context, we all have control over our future, our bodies, our minds and our destiny.

All psychic readings should only be regarded as entertainment only.

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I don't accept returns or exchanges but please contact me if you have any problems with your order.


All my readings are cold (If you wish to give me your name, dob and names of others involved, you may - but it is not mandatory.) My readings are often conducted back to back. I do not do any kind of research on an individual prior to the reading taking place. I can forget that you previously had a reading with me. I let the angels guide.

Any information you give at purchase or during a reading is strictly confidential.

Your reading remains your property. A copy can be requested at any time.


michaelmyrdal518466187 on Oct 10, 2021
5 stars

Great chrystal ball reading. Yes, ElfinGlades is recommended.

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