Saint Lazarus Oil Spiritual Oil Wicca Pagan Voodoo Hoodoo


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Saint Lazarus Oil Spiritual Oil Wicca Pagan Voodoo Hoodoo


Saint Lazarus oil - is used for healing the sick, bringing money to the poor, cleansing physical and spiritual wounds, and protection from spiritual harm.

Dress a yellow or purple candle with this oil.

Say this prayer:
Saint Lazarus Blessed, Patron of the poor, my powerful lawyer, my Holy protector, in you I place my trust, in you I place my needs and I convey my worries and anguish to you, I hopefully expose my dreams and desires , and I humbly ask you to be my mediator before the Lord, because I know that infinite goodness springs from your hands when with Humility and Faith your effective help is required.
Glorious and dear Saint Lazarus, today I come to you pleading asking for your powerful help because I know that there are many miracles that through you Jesus, in his mercy, has worked and continues to work.
May your power of intercession and courage before Our Lord help me to come out well and as soon as possible of all my ills and tribulations that afflict me, beg him to pour out his infinite Charity and sweet comparison on my person and my loved ones, ask him in my name to send his blessings and remove all despair and uneasiness from my life.
Oh Saint Lazar or blessed, for the so sublime hope that your heart harbored to reach the crown of martyrdom, And, for that ardent desire to sincerely give your life for the One who returned it to you after having lost it, grant me glorious Saint Lazarus your valuable support and support.
Pray for my wishes before the good Jesus, your friend, brother and benefactor, and also mine, and ask him, for his Love and Charity, for his infinite piety, to grant me what I ask with all my heart that Find the relief I need in my despair and I can get out of this bad situation that torments me so much.
Help me, Good Saint, to obtain what I request, you know that I am suffering a lot, guide me and straighten my steps so that I do not make mistakes, Give me strength to find solutions, and if you think it is not convenient, give Peace and Tranquility to my Soul so that it waits resigned-to the fulfillment of the Divine Will.

Saint Lazarus, effective Father of the Poor I beg you with all my being don’t stop help me, show yourself auspicious and benevolent as you always do and take my prayers and supplications to the Lord as soon as possible, extend your generous hand to me, give me your protection and protection; remove from my life all adversity, all suffering, remove any evil and enemy so that I can move forward and please alleviate my sorrows, my needs and problems so that I can move forward and please alleviate my sorrows, my needs and problems so that I can have Peace , Love, Health and work, and enjoy well-being, and enjoy well-being, luck, fortune and prosperity.

Saint Lazarus with me and I with him; the behind, I behind him, for all my men and my misfortunes, for all my misfortunes and adversities, all my ruins and deficiencies with his power make them disappear, for the Glory of all.

Saint Lazarus Miraculous, Saint Lazarus Mighty, risen by the divine grace of Jesus Christ, I beg you, for the sad moment of your agony and for the infinite joy that you experienced when Jesus with his sweet words sent you out of the grave, who communicates my urgent shortcomings to the Divine Master, that you may grant me what I have asked for in your most valuable mediation in these serious moments of scarcity, and that luck, fortune, abundance and prosperity will come to me. Thank you I give you from the heart for your intercession, thank you I give you because I know you will help me.
Glorious Saint Lazarus blessed, I love you and to you is my Devotion, in you I place my trust to make my dreams come true, ask the Good Jesus, surround me with his mercy and grant me his favors, but if he believes that I do not deserve him, I will continue to love him the same for what he has done, for how good you have been with me and for how much he has protected me in my life. Faith in Him saves me and His Love comforts me.
Thank you dear Jesus for being there listening to me, thank you for putting on my way Saint Lazarus, who is my good protector and intercessor before You and will get me your help and blessing.

Meditation to your Requests:

Saint Lazarus, Glorious Father of the Poor, I beg you DO NOT stop helping me, be propitious as you always do and take my requests to the Lord as soon as possible, give me your blessings and protection, alleviate my sorrows and problems and remove from my life all evil and enemies.

For Jesus Christ our Lord, so be it, so shall it be. Amen

Magical ritual oils can be use to anoint your altar tools, or scared objects as talismans or amulets, Lottery tickets, candles, yourself, your divination tools + tarot decks, and your household. They can be dabbed on the body when diluted, dropped into the heel of your shoe, applied on business cards or important documents or simply anointed on your favorite jewelry. sachets, mojo bags, dream pillows, Floor wash, anointing charms, adding to ritual baths. Dab some on your hand prior to meeting new people or simply apply some oil to an object or place where your target may come into contact with it. etc.
Our oils are made with all natural products that includes Fresh organic herbs, Vitamin E, Essential fragrance oils and other items that are blended into a organic Jojoba carrier oil.
Comes in a 2 oz. Ambler Glass Bottle.

I make costume orders. Request a costume orders and have something special made up just for you.

If you have any questions message me before payment has been made thanks.

Customer satisfaction is my top priority.

Thanks for your interests.

Legal disclaimer: Law states that Spells, Readings and Paranormal are for entertainment purposes. You agree that the purchase of our products or services is subject to your own interpretation and is not intended as a substitute for any legal, financial, psychiatric and or medical services. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase.
We accept No liability or responsibility for any paranormal activity that may or may not occur due to the use of our products or services.
Remember, it 's your intention that will cause the spell to work. Our products are only an aid for your spiritual work.

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michaelmyrdal518466187 on Oct 5, 2021
5 stars

Wonderful reading. One A-4 page. Fast delivery. Of course recommended. Thank you.

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