"TERMINATOR" Rare Pyrite Fools Gold Crystal Skull! MEGACHARGED! WITCHY

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"TERMINATOR" Rare Pyrite Fools Gold Crystal Skull! MEGACHARGED! WITCHY


At about 4'' long and 2LBs heavy, this rare and unique skull is a nice medium-large vessel, and has been nicknamed "The Terminator" or "Golden Terminator" ever since it was brought to my attention that he looks so much like the robots from the movie Terminator. He has been expertly carved from a solid piece of Pyrite (it is SUPER rare to find a crystal skull carved from Pyrite), and is an INCREDIBLY energetic vessel that has been megacharged by a master witch, calling upon some of the most ancient and sacred energies and rites in the world, for what is known as "the Five Sectors". The Five Sectors include:
*Protection from all types of harm, both human enemies and dark or malicious astral forces
*A constant aura of healing
*Great wealth, money and life changing riches
*Intelligence and Wisdom in all things
*Success, mastery and excellence in any goal or task you wish to accomplish

This is one of the most energetic and potent vessels I have ever felt, and it is FULL of personality! The Terminator (what whatever you choose, or he guides you to choose, to call him) is a powerful amplifier, and will naturally and automatically enhance the energies and effects of any items he is placed near, so be sure to only keep him near things you would want to become stronger!

Crystal skulls have long been known to wield incredible powers and energies and have the ability to connect with human beings on a level that no other metaphysical relic can. Crystals, being completely natural and of the earth, taking MILLIONS of years to fully develop, hold secrets and knowledge that no other vessel can! It has been proven by science that crystals hold energies and even "memories", and they are currently used in the world's most advanced microchips and technology for this very reason! Once the crystal, no matter the type, is carved into the shape of a skull, something truly magickal happens, and the crystal takes on a singular consciousness, a soul if you will, and it KNOWS that we want to communicate with it, and it wants to communicate with us! The carefully carved skull, carved from one solid piece of gem, will radiate an energy and a consciousness, revealing the absolute truth about your own life and the universe itself! Untold wisdom and power lay within!

This incredible skull is very, very special, and it has undergone an intensive 33 day ritual for fast money and incredible riches and wealth! Calling upon the most ancient and sacred energies on earth, this vessel has been MEGACHARGED for the strongest energies and results possible! Lottery wins, unknown inheritances, unexpected windfalls, career advancements and promotions, and ALL types of life changing manifestations can occur!

This incredible skull is also a magnificent healer, protector, which will protect you from all types of harm, both human enemies and dark astral forces and curses, and a powerful amplifier, and will MAGNIFY the energies and effects of ANY other item or vessel it is placed near! It is also one of the most powerful THIRD EYE OPENING vessels I have ever seen, and can erase and remove ANY webbing or barriers that are keeping you from realizing your full psychic and magick potential, and even AMPLIFY your powers, taking your abilities and powers to levels never before possible!

This skull is a true treasure, and a priceless addition to any collection! Whether you're seeking protection or healing, fast money and wealth, ultimate intelligence and enlightenment, the ability to unlock and enhance your natural psychic and magick powers, or an item to enhance and amplify the entire rest of your collection, this is the perfect vessel! Of course this is completely one of a kind, so once it is gone, it will be gone forever.

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