Treasure of the Secret Stones


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Treasure of the Secret Stones


Plan you own treasure hunt! Enjoy this treasure map at any campground, forest or mountain area. As long as there is a campfire area and at least one "rocky" area at the site you wish to use, this treasure map will work for you!

This is an inspirational treasure hunt which features two different verses from the Bible.
There is a riddle on the map that leads the treasure hunters to a "rocky" area nearest the campfire. Granted, I live in the Rocky Mountain, but patches of rocks are common in most wilderness locations. But if necessary, you could "build up" your own little rocky area that covers your treasure.

You can make your treasure whatever you choose. The treasure map comes with a short-story about a beautiful Maiden who lived a long time ago and hid her treasures of precious gems and stones because she felt she was only loved for her outward beauty, not for who she truly was.

The recipe for the faux "rocks" can be found on my website. Or you can purchase them from me. Check for listings. They are inexpensive to make, but take a couple days to make from start to finish due to drying time. You can also hide a secret message inside the rocks. Other goodies can be added to your treasure that you choose to hide. It's up to you how lavish it want to make it.

Instructions and "answers" are included with each treasure map. You can also have a scavenger hunt with various trinkets and gems that could have been "left behind" by the fair maiden. Just pick a specific area which to scatter the individual treasures for the hunters to find and return to the secret hiding spot on the map.

Each map varies as they are hand-dyed and burned by hand as well. But I love to make my maps "well-aged" and rich in color. Remember treasure maps are not accurate. That aids in applying this map to your local area. Hunter's Ridge, the Bear's Den, and Deadman's Cliff are all fictional. Designed to lure the unwise from where the treasure is actually hidden. 8-1/2" x 11", linen paper. Rustic and textured once dyed, dried, and burned.

See listings for group prices if you want each hunter to be able to have their own map. Makes a fun and memorable keepsake!

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

This is an inspirational treasure hunt which features 2 different verses from the Bible. I recently planned this treasure hunt for 20 girls at my church's girls camp. The theme of their camp was about being your own beautiful and focused on inner beauty. I made a "stone" for each of the girls that had a secret, colorful gem inside which they found once they cracked it open. All the gems were different colors, shapes, and sizes; just like all of us. This is great for building self esteem and anti-bullying messages.
The girls had a great time, enjoyed the surprise of their treasure, and have a keep-sake treasure map for their memories. (Each girl got their own map.)

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Linen paper

Size: 8 1/2" x 11"

Color: Brown

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I ship my designs via USPS ground, unless it is a better value to ship Priority Mail. I do ship Internationally. Just message me with your address and I will quote you the same fee the Post office does.

I take care to ship everything as safely as possible. I also try to make everything as pretty and as nice as I can, but if for any reason you need to return your purchase I will be happy to refund your order.

CUSTOM ORDERS ARE WELCOMED! If you have a special request for 1 item or large orders I am happy to help. I am happy to do weddings and parties. Just message me for your requests and try to give as much advance notice as you can. I have 8 years experience as florist. So those interested in incorporating feathers into their wedding theme have come to the right place. I have access to a wide range of feathers that can be died many different colors. I am also experience in silk flowers as well. Just let me know how I can help!


DanielleAnn on Jun 11, 2017
5 stars

ragamuffinjewels on Jul 10, 2012
5 stars

AnneClarkArt on Mar 24, 2011
5 stars

Great thank you!!!
alwaysdaddysgirl on Jan 23, 2011
5 stars

Feather pads are great and arrived quickly. Can't wait to start using them, I will definitely be buying again!
EclecticOddities on Aug 12, 2010
5 stars

The plumes are gorgeous! Arrived safely, and can't wait to find just the right use for them. Thanks so much, and I will undoubtedly be visiting you again!

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