The bracelet protects. Red thread with a hammer Thor/ gift/ viking


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The bracelet protects. Red thread with a hammer Thor/ gift/ viking


The Scandinavians believed that the hammer of Thor was able to protect against harmful witchcraft, evil spirits, various misfortunes and even illnesses. It is well suited for removing obstacles that arise on a person’s path, helping to get out of the winner even from the most difficult situations. The red thread on the hand is the most powerful defense against anger, evil, envy and other negative energy, the impact of which a person is exposed to every day from the side. This talisman is a kind of protection of its owner’s energy field. The red thread on the left wrist takes on all the negativity that is directed at the person. She, as a filter, eliminates the destructive emotional impact of ill-wishers.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Thread

Color: Red

Theme: Viking, Scandinavian

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