ALOE VERA SHAMPOO 8 Oz Moisturizing with Aloe Chamomile Vits A D E C


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ALOE VERA SHAMPOO 8 Oz Moisturizing with Aloe Chamomile Vits A D E C


¸.o´¸.o*´¨) ¸.o*¨)
(¸.o´ (¸.o` ? My 8 OZ ALOE VERA SHAMPOO with flip top dispenser. You will NOT find any of these chemicals in my products, like Silicone's, Petroleum, SLS, ingnessians, Paraben of any kind, propylene glycol, & other harsh chemicals.

? My ALOE VERA SHAMPOO has an ALOE VERA BASE INSTEAD OF WATER as the main ingredient. It moisturizes your hair with the following ALL NATURAL Ingredients: ALOE VERA LEAF JUICE, COCONUT SEED OIL, SPRING WATER, SILK AMINO ACIDS, VITAMIN E as a natural preservative, FLOWER EXTRACT of CHAMOMILE, GLYCERIN, Castor Oil & can contain essential & or fragrance oils if you choose, may contain colorant ~ if you choose not to just convo me on that.

? This is a great moisturizing shampoo that is great for all hair types. It has ALOE VERA LEAF JUICE as 1 of the main ingredients! Also for moisturizing properties, there is GLYCERIN & CHAMOMILE as well as VITAMINS C, D, E, & A! Have fun creating your OWN UNIQUE blend of essential or fragrance oils of your choice to MAKE YOUR OWN SPECIAL SHAMPOO SCENT!

? You will get a full 8 OZ bottle that I will scent with whatever type of scent you choose & whatever type of color or no color that you choose.

What a great way to make your OWN SPECIAL SCENT of shampoo. You can PICK ANY OF THE FOLLOWING SCENTS OR TRY MIXING FRAGRANCES TO TRULY CREATE YOUR OWN UNIQUE ORIGINAL FRAGRANCE!!! To see more detailed description of fragrance, go to my Handmade Soap Bar Section & find that scent in my soap bars. Just put what scent of essential or fragrance oil you are choosing & if you want color or no color in the message to seller section when ordering! Have fun & enjoy!

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(¸.o´ (¸.o` ? My ALOE VERA MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO can be CUSTOM SCENTED in any scent you wish from the following scents: Just add to your cart & then write in the COMMENTS SECTION TO SELLER UR WISH!
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ALMOND ~ Like fresh crushed almonds!
? ALMOND BISCOTTI ~ delicate biscuit with hints of toasted sweet almonds.
? ANGEL BLUSH VANILLA BEAN ~ A perfect combination of angel food cake that is flavored with vanilla bean.
? ANISE ~ Anise essential oil. Black licorice scent!
? APPLE ~ A fantastic apple scent that's fresh, meaty, and somewhat sweet with just a tad on the tart side.
? APRICOT CHAMOMILE & TANGERINE ORANGE ~ Sweet sugar coated apricots with soothing chamomile create a scent bursting with yummy ripe fruits that revive the body and spirit
? ARMANI for MEN ~ A romantic, fruity, luxurious interpretation of the Armani essence is citrus top notes of lemons, oranges and bergamot combined with middle and lower tones of clove, coriander, nutmeg.
? AUTUMN HARVEST (LIMITED EDITION) ~ hints of cranberry & autumn citrus fruits. It's the scent of fall & the crunch of fallen leaves.
? AVOCADO CILANTRO ~ Fresh avocados, cilantro herbs, topped off with lime!
? BABY BEE ~ Scented in Peaches, Coconut, Bergamot, Oranges, & Lemons.
? BABY POWDER ~ Just like Johnson's & Johnson's baby powder scent!
? BANANA ~ Would make any monkey crazy! :)
? BANANA COCONUT CREAM ~ Just a great mixture of fresh banana & creamy coconut.
? BANANA NUT BREAD ~ Creamy Bananas with the lovely nutty bread aroma surrounding it!
? BAMBOO & GREEN TEA ~ Bring Asia home as the aromatic scent of green tea is tempered by a hints of woody Indonesian bamboo, with undertones of grounded floras.
? BAY RUM KEY LIME ~ Classic light scent of bay rum topped off with Zesty key lime!
? BEDTIME BATH ~ Scented in Lavender, Chamomile, Mandarin, & Lily.
? BERRIES & CREAM ~ Creamy Raspberries, Strawberries, & Blackberries!
? BLACKBERRY GRAPEFRUIT ~ Sweet juicy blackberries with a tartness of grapefruit! Very fresh & sweet!
? BLACK CHERRY CREAM ~ Just like a black cherry cream soda!
? BUTTER CREAM ~ Buttery, butter cream frosting topped off with vanilla!
? BUTT NAKED ~ Sweet smelling has fresh apples perfectly harmonized with refreshing melons & juicy pears.
? CEDARWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL (Limited Edition Only) ~ Cedarwood Essential oil (strong)
? CHAMOMILE ~ Soft & well rounded herbal scent.
? CHERRY ALMOND ~ strong fragrance of Cherries and Almond.
? CHESTNUTS & BROWN SUGAR ~ Fire roasted chestnut topped off with sweet brown sugar. YUM!
? CHRISTMAS DREAMS (Limited Edition) ~ Think Orange peels and Cranberry; Cinnamon sticks & ground cloves; evergreen & pine cones.
? CHRISTMAS WREATH (LIMITED EDITION) ~ Vibrant green herbal based aroma with crisp pine & spruce top notes. A wonderful Christmas scent.
? CINNAMON ~ It has an old fashioned cinnamon bark smell.
? CLOVE ~ Strong fresh ground cloves!
? COCONUT LIME PEEL ~ Crisp lime zest softened by creamy, coconut.
? COFFEE BEANS ~ Fresh Brewed Coffee!
? CRACKLIN BIRCH ~ fragrance begins with top notes of Bergamot, Orange, and Lemon; and ends with strong notes of Patchouli, Vetiver, and Tonka Beans.
? CREAMY CHAI TEA ~ White Tea mixed with creamy vanilla, cinnamon & nutmeg.
? CREAMY COCONUT ~ The aroma of creamy coconut milk. Sweet!
? DARK KISS ~ Bath & Body Works Scent of Black Forest Raspberry, Amber, Musky Black Currant Tea. Great for both men & women.
? DRAGONS BLOOD ~ Autumn - like warm, woody, & earthy scent. Notes of amber, vanilla, sandalwood & light tones of powdery musk with hints of Asian floras to bring out subtle spice undertones.
? ENCHANTED FOREST ~ Walking in a dreamlike pine forest creation of freshness, mystery and subtle surprises.
? EUCALYPTUS ~ Very strong with Essential Oil of Eucalyptus
? FLORIDA SUNSHINE ~ Essential Oils of orange, lemon, & lime
? FORBIDDEN FAIRY ~ Light white floras, jasmine, with fruity melon heart notes.
? FRESH SNOW! ~ Clean Fresh Laundry Ozone-y Scent!
? FRESH SWEET MILK ~ Creamy and sweet, with light accents of creamy florals.
? HANSEL & GRETEL ~ cinnamon sticks, toasted graham crackers and juicy raisins covered in Vanilla Frosting!
? HIPPIE SMOKE ~ Nag Champa, Patchouli, & Sweet Sandalwood Vanilla.
? HONEY ~ Just from the beehive.
? IRELAND JADE CLOVER ~ wonderful ozony blend of clover, green grass, with hints of fresh cut wisteria. Refreshing!
? IRISH MOSS ~ Cedar, Amber, Sandalwood, with light notes of Evergreen & Green notes.
? LAVENDER ~ Scent of Old Time Lavender. Not fakey!
? LEMON PEEL ~ It smells just like fresh squeezed lemons!
? LEMON GRASS ~ Refreshing citrus with an earthy green note.
? LIGHT MY FIRE ~ Not only great for Fire Fighters but for all who love the smell of a good old campfire or fire.
? LILAC BLOSSOM ~ Best Lilac Scent around! True floral scent.
? LIME ~ Tart / Lime Essential Oil! Very refreshing!
? LIME CUPCAKE with VANILLA CREAM FROSTING ~ Persian lime and lemon zests topped off with vanilla cream!
? MANGO ~ Fresh, creamy fruit sliced fresh from the tree! ;)
? MANGO YUZU ~ Fresh, creamy mango with yuzu being a Japanese grapefruit that has a sweet peachy, strawberry scent.
? MONOI TIARE FLOWER ~ Fairly strong aromatic gardenia like flower scent right from Tahiti!
? MONKEY FARTS ~ Ripe Bananas, Juicy Pineapple, Cherries, Bubble Gum, Vanilla, & Grapes!
? NECTARINE MINT ~ FRUITY scent of FRESH JUICY NECTARINES mixed with eye opening aroma of FRESH MINT, touch of Citrus!
? NAG CHAMPA ~ Think the 60's! ;)
? OCEAN SIDE ~ Crisp, ocean breezes envelope you as you walk along a secluded beach, the waves gently spraying up a fine mist that refreshes your soul and cleanses your mind.
? OATMEAL, MILK, HONEY ~ Perfect blending of the 3 scents Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey.
? ORANGE CLOVE ~ bright, tangy, fresh squeezed orange & clove essential oils.
? ORANGE ~ Essential Oil of Orange.
? PATCHOULI ~ classic patchouli fragrance from the far east. It is a slightly woody, musky, smoky, & smooth scent.
? PEPPERMINT ~ Cool, crisp blast of crushed peppermint.
? PINEAPPLE ~ Fresh Sliced Pineapple Fruit Slices!
? PINEAPPLE BANANA COCONUT CREAM ~ Like going on vacation without the travels! :)
? PLUMERIA ~ Plumeria is a nice floral fragrance. It smells like fresh picked plumerias from the islands.
? PUMPKIN CRUNCH CAKE (Limited Edition) ~ Pumpkin pie filling, yellow cake, pecans & spices.
? ROSEMARY ~ Fresh & green tones to it.
? ROSEMARY MINT ~ Essential oils of Rosemary & Peppermint.
? SANDALWOOD ROSE ~ Mystical fragrance base of light fruits, light oriental floras, neroli, amber, vanilla, & musks.
? SOAPY CLEAN ~ Clean, unisex scent that smells just like its' name. Neutral smell like you've just taken a shower.
? SPEARMINT ~ Very refreshing & clean!
? SPEARMINT & EUCALYPTUS ~ Stress relief aromatherapy
? STRAWBERRY CREAM ~ Fresh strawberries with a rich, creamy, vanilla fragrance mixed equally with it.
? SWEET RAIN ~ fresh aquatics fragrance with very light white floras & harmonious blends of light musk & sandal woods.
? YUZU ~ Japanese grapefruit with a peachy, strawberry., strawberry scent., strawberry scent.

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TOPMARK on Mar 15, 2018
5 stars

Very happy with my purchase! Excellent communication and fast shipping. Ai will purchase again, thank you.
CMariesArt on Apr 12, 2014
5 stars

Soap and Clay made a nice treatment for the face , I mixed clay with Aloe Vera Gel for a mask. Tea bath has a very gentle fragrance and the salt in the mix is water and skin softening.
CMariesArt on Feb 15, 2014
5 stars

Such great fragrances, and the pink clay I mixed with witch hazel, a natural skin toner, It works well as an astringent mask for my oily skin. Very good mixtures of natural products.
GlassFancy on Feb 4, 2014
5 stars

A HUGE bar of soap! The only soap I use on my face.
mrsy0528 on Sep 14, 2013
5 stars

I have always loved everything I've gotten from this shop. As usual, this order is perfect! Thank you!

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