White and Green Vase - Blown Glass, 4.5 Inches Tall, 0.8 Inch Opening

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White and Green Vase - Blown Glass, 4.5 Inches Tall, 0.8 Inch Opening


This 4.53" tall gourd shaped blown glass vase is white with a lime green stripe swirling from the base to the top. The opening is 0.8 inches wide, making this piece ideal for displaying a single favorite flower or a handful of thin stemmed ones.

This piece is fully handmade by glassblower Kelly Lowe (me). Each piece is unique, as being formed by hand (and mouth) there will always be variations in color, size and shape - ensuring that each piece is a one of a kind for you to enjoy.

If you'd like to see the picture above in much larger detail and size, as well as the rest of my pinhole vase collection, please visit the gallery at my main website at:


Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

This style vase is a relatively new creation, the first one being made just a few months ago. They've proven quite popular is my physical gallery, something which I'm very proud of!

Materials Used

Glass, Blowpipe, Hot Shop

More Info

Base to top: 11.5cm (4.53")
Widest point: 8.5cm (3.35")
Opening: 2cm (0.79")
Weight: Approx 556g (1.23 lbs)

The pictures included here are of the specific piece for sale. There may be slight variations in size from vase to vase, although the measurements given here will be close to those of the item.

Shipping cost is calculated using Canada Post's online shipping calculator - I will reimburse you the full difference in the event shipping was overestimated.

Product Attributes

Color: White

Accepted Payments


United Kingdom
First Item: $15.00
Additional Items: $6.00

South Africa
First Item: $17.25
Additional Items: $7.00

New Zealand
First Item: $16.00
Additional Items: $6.00

First Item: $15.00
Additional Items: $6.00

First Item: $16.50
Additional Items: $7.00

First Item: $15.00
Additional Items: $6.00

First Item: $16.00
Additional Items: $6.00

First Item: $14.00
Additional Items: $2.00

United States
First Item: $12.40
Additional Items: $6.00


Hello! You've managed to stumble across a shining artifact from the past (in fact, I'm now dubbing you "The Archeologist" for your troubles) by finding this here store. You see, this store closed on January 1st, 2013. No problem though, because I've got a brand spankin' new one, and it's fancier than all the fanciest men of fancy town... basically what I'm saying is it's pretty fancy. Come check it out!

Visit my new store at: http://store.kellyloweglass.com





Wonderful smooth transaction and lightning fast payment. Thank you and enjoy the tea!


Really wonderful customer! So thrilled you love the earrings :o) -reZin8


Received my order today and it is beautiful! Thank you so much for going above and beyond to make sure the item arrived safely and on time.


Thank you so much!


Fabulous Christmas Balls for my home and for all my family members get treated like the true treasures they are. Just fantastic hand-blown glass. I can't say enough good things about these balls or about Kelly, the seller and artist. She helped make my first Christmas in my new home so memorable and special. Thank You Kelly, Barbara Clarke Simon


I bought this pink hand-blown glass Christmas ornament for my sister in South Carolina and she decided to give it a more permanent place in a glass vase. It sits right on top by itself and she displays it all year long. So glad I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly by email and hearing about her craft. WOW! What a great gift these balls made for special people in my life! Thank You, Barbara Clarke Simon

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