Barrette - Purple Peacock Feathers and Pearls

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Barrette - Purple Peacock Feathers and Pearls


70Mm purple peacock feather barrette. Black base clay, gorgeous clay feathers adorned with purple and black pearls. Sculpted mini flower on each end. Lovely piece to add to anyone s hair jewelry collection.

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Product Attributes

Primary Material: Polymer clay

Size: 3"

Pattern: Frather

Color: Black

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Wonderful buyer - enjoy your canes


Items are beautifuly made. They look fragile but are solid even with the smallest details. Tthe barrettes in particular are sturdy and hold well.


Great stuff. My daughter loves all of the items I purchuse for her from here. She wears something eveyday and they hold up beautifully, very durable items.


Very great place to shop. Eveyone that I give items from here loves them. Great work on getting special orders done just perfect.


Wonderful barrettes. My daughter loves them and they hold up so well. Some many great ones to choose from.


A stunning last minute gift. So glade to get it in such a short time. Going to make someone special very happy.


A very great item for helping a little girl get started on making her own jewelry,


Everything was beautiful!!!!


Absolutely beautiful!!


Great gift idea, my daughter loves it, just like evey thing else that I get her from here.


More great gifts for my daughter. She can't get enough of the items here.


Great gifts for a special someone in my life. Know they are going to love them.


OMG!! Kim these are the most amazing pieces I have ever seen! Thank you!!


Absolutely positively gorgeous!! Thanks Kim!!

Guest User

Great communication and very fast shipping! Beautiful items - loved the little bear with the shamrock! So cute! I like the silver bracelet with the bigger links - so delicate looking. Thanks Kim! I


A great set of gifts for my daughter. She loves all the stuff I get her for here.


This barrette is absolutely positively gorgeous!!!! And the canes are lovely!!


Even better than expected! Kim you do fabulous work! Love them!!


Great gifts for a pair of great girls in my life.


OMG!! Kim, everything is absolutely beautiful! The butterfly dangle earrings are too lovely!! Can't wait to make the necklace and bracelet with the focal and side beads! Thank you so much!

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