Faun Dangle Drop earrings Pair Titanium Hypoallergenic metal


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Faun Dangle Drop earrings Pair Titanium Hypoallergenic metal


These titanium earrings are perfect for geeks, cosplayers, and fantasy-lovers! The fantastical and colourful designs are one of a kind and each piece is forged by me and my skillful elf apprentices in our small workshop.

When it comes to beautiful and long-lasting jewelry, titanium is at the top. Impervious to the elements, it will never dull or change colour, retaining its natural strength and beauty for generations. Titanium is so lightweight that even a ring on each finger won’t slow you down in battle, and its hypoallergenic properties are a blessing for warriors with sensitive skin!


We are happy to personalize your order! Please contact us for details.

If you are looking to customize the colours of your earrings, please keep in mind that the colour combinations are limited. Due to the unique properties of this metal, colours appear in the following succession:

Gold> Purple > Blue > Light Blue > Pink > Green.

Only adjacent colours can be combined. This means that you can, for example, combine Blue with Purple or Light Blue but not with Green, Gold, or Pink.


Avoid scratching the surface
Wash with warm, soapy water as needed.

Materials Used

Titanium, sterling solver 925

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Silver, titanium

Size: Diameter 37mm

Color: White

Diameter: 37 mm

Material: Titanium

Style: Abstract

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Dear customers! In this difficult times with COVID-19 pandemic the delivery time can reach THREE MONTH! We're making everithing to make it faster.
Please contact us if you want your order till some special date.
Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Azorths on Oct 14, 2020
5 stars

This is my 2nd order from LegentiJewellery and I am still in love with your work ! After the purchase, I contacted LegentiJewellery to custom my ring and it came better than I expected ! The black mate finish with the violet of the ring (my favorite color) is truly beautiful ! I couldn't and I didn't expect such a masterpiece. If I find how to post a picture I will make it because you have to see how beautiful their work is. I will definitely order again ! Shipping from Russia to South of France took 33 days but it was worth the wait ! Perfect as always ! Thank you LegentiJewellery ! :D
zyxo420 on Aug 8, 2020
5 stars

Absolutely perfect 👌 looks and feels fantastic!
CelineT on Aug 10, 2020
5 stars

My order of the 'Sea Shell Wedding Titanium Ring Custom Designer Engagement Talisman' arrived today. The item itself is precisely as pictured in the previews, very shiny, with the colour range and width I ordered. It's great to look at, and the fit is good. I ordered this for myself as a 25th birthday present, with money from my family. It will take some time to get used to wearing a ring all the time again, but being titanium, I hope that this ring will be nice and sturdy, and not wear down like the gold ring I used to wear all the time. Legenti produced and shipped the ring quickly, and responded to my queries promptly when I made them. Good standard of service. My only potential criticism is the packaging. It arrived this morning packed in a ring box, which was then packed inside a very flimsy plastic packet. This is the type of packet you expect to be used to post things that cost less than $5, not expensive made-to-order titanium jewellery. But given the item arrived here safely (41 day transit from Russia to the UK) I'm certainly not going to rate them any lower for it. Very glad that the ring lived up to my hopes. I'll certainly be ordering jewellery from Legenti again in the future - and two of the friends I've already shown my ring to are now having a very enthusiastic browse through this Artfire store themselves.
Echalon on Jul 23, 2020
5 stars

Beautiful items. A real master craftsman.
BlackStrike on Apr 20, 2020
5 stars

The order came in perfect conditions. Highly detailed, clean, and shiny. I'm very satisfied, and surely I will order again. - Greetings from Mexico

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