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Rosary Repair - Handmade - Per your instructions



I offer professional rosary repair with a spiritual connection and understanding of the sentimental value of your rosary. Repairs may include replacement of missing beads and broken parts to a complete redesign of the rosary.

I'd like to see the rosary in person prior to giving you a final price. The listing for this work is for $10 plus return shipping, but that is not a final total. You may send me a picture via email for an initial evaluation. However, the final price will not be given until I actually see the rosary and discuss it with you. When the rosary is received, I'll call and/or email you with the final cost.

Repairs are usually accomplished for $25 or less. (Unless parts must be purchased)

Your repaired rosary will be returned to you in an organza bag. The use of the bag will help keep the rosary safe from becoming tangled with other pieces and eliminate some of the reasons that rosaries become broken in the first place.

How do I ship my rosary?
I recommend that you send your rosary in a padded envelope with a stiff piece of cardboard on either side of the rosary. Or, better yet, use a USPS small flat rate box to protect it. Please make certain that your provide tissue or bubble wrap to protect the rosary in shipment.

PLEASE DO NOT USE TAPE to secure your rosary. Tape may damage the rosary parts. Please do not use tape or other adhesive to secure the rosary in the package as this can harm the finish on beads and/or metal parts.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions about the repair process at

Please send your package to the following address, enclosing your email address, phone number and any other information that will assist me in doing the best possible repair for you.

Rosary Doctor
c/o Lois' Unique Custom Kreations
69551 Oak St
Union, MI 49130

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

It makes me so sad when I hear someone say, "I have a rosary from (grandmother, mother, best fried, grandfather, dad), but it is broken and in a dresser drawer." The world needs prayer, the Pope tells us that Prayer and particularly praying the rosary is the most powerful source in the world. I love being able to repair a rosary and place it back in the loving hands of my customer. Therefore, I love repairing broken rosaries. They seem to have marvelous stories, traditions, and cherished memories associated with them.

Materials Used

Materials as needed and approved by you.

More Info

How do I dispose of a broken rosary that I do not want repaired?
The broken rosary should be buried or burned in much the same way one would retire an old flag, with honor and reverence.

Broken Rosaries that you do not want repaired can be donated to my work.
If you have old or broken rosaries or rosary parts that you will not be using again, we would be happy to take them off your hands. Parts and broken rosaries would be of great assistance in my repair work. Please understand that I do not purchase broken rosaries because there is no guarantee that I'll be able to use the parts. However, even if they cannot be used all donated rosaries will be treated with the utmost reverence and care. Nothing will be done to your rosary until I receive your written approval.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: As Needed and Approved

Size: Various Size per Customer's Rosary

Pattern: Generally, 5-Decade Rosaries

Color: White

Accepted Payments
  • PayPal Acceptance Mark


All Other Countries
First Item: $12.00
Additional Items: $3.00

First Item: $10.40
Additional Items: $2.00

United Kingdom
First Item: $10.40
Additional Items: $2.00

All Other Countries
First Item: $12.00
Additional Items: $3.00

First Item: $10.40
Additional Items: $2.00

United Kingdom
First Item: $10.40
Additional Items: $2.00

First Item: $7.80
Additional Items: $2.00

United States
First Item: $5.15
Additional Items: $0.00


In stock items usually ship within two business days after payment. Custom orders delivery times will be provided with the quote for the custom piece.

ORDERS $100.00 and OVER -- SHIP FREE

Most orders will fit in a standard 'small flat rate' USPS box. The shipping cost for the small flat rate is $5.85. All items that fit in the box will ship for one price ($5.85). If larger boxes are needed the pricing will be as follows.

$5.85 ..... Small Flat Rate Box [8 5/8" x 5 3/8" x 1 5/8"]
$12.50 ... Medium Flat Rate Box
[13 5/8" x 11 7/8" x 3 1/8" or 11" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"]
$18.50 ... Large Flat Rate Box [12" x 12" x 5 1/2"]

If you purchase multiple items email or call me so that I can combine your shipping. Please email or call me if you think your items may exceed the size of the small box.

Many of my items are one of a kind (OOAK). All OOAK items are labeled as such. Other items may be a limited edition or an open stock.

I design 'custom kreations' (jewelry and rosaries) for special events. It is very meaningful to know the person who is going to received the item and to keep that person in mind during the design and creation of the item.

In addition to the standard rosaries for First Communion and Confirmation, I create custom First Communion and Confirmation designs for individual children and adults.

Rosaries make an excellent present for weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Given the interests and preferred colors & stones of an individual, a custom rosary can be created that speaks to the receiver of the gift.

Brides often wish to have custom jewelry for themselves. Additionally, the bride may wish to have matching jewelry for the bride's maids. I will discount multiple purchases of the same design.

If you don't see what you want in my studio -- just contact me. I am happy to design special pieces with you and for you. I love to create UNIQUE CUSTOM KREATIONS!


If you damage your item and still have all the unbroken pieces, I will repair your item for no charge. If beads, pendants, components are broken, you must pay for the replacement of broken items. But, I will repair the item with no charge for my labor. You must pay the shipping both directions.

If you have questions about my items, please ask. I am happy to speak to customers about my work.


creepysusie on Sep 15, 2016
5 stars

Just beautiful. Came just when I needed the symbol of Christ and hope the most. Ordering one for my mother now, too. Thank you so much.

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