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Winter Holiday w/Balm Bomb - Phero Enhanced Wax Melt

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Winter Holiday enhanced with our exclusive Balm Bomb pheromone formula.
Scent: The juicy goodness of apples, berries and pomegranate against a wintery backdrop of pine and holly.
Pheromone: Balm Bomb - a cozy comforting and soothing mixture, perfect for a cuddly night by the fire.

Ultra saturated, beautiful original fragrances for scenting your home, with the addition of social atmosphere enhancing pheromones! We never use pre-mixed commercial fragrances, all of our scents are crafted in our studio. You'll LOVE the gorgeous aromas and the lavish quality of our Wax Melts!

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Wax melts are like candles without the wick, and because they do not need to support a wick, we can make them super-saturated with perfume oil. This makes them quick to melt and diffuse the scent throughout the room.

Pop them out of their individual containers, and place ONE in your electric or candle powered oil/wax/potpourri warmer. When the scent is gone, (approx 4 hours), wait for the wax to harden again, and it will easily pop out of your warmer when cool. These are crafted with a hard "sparkle" paraffin wax which is known for the best throw. Fills a whole room with amazing scent! You might want to burn them for half an hour to an hour, and save for re-melting later if the scent is too strong to burn continuously for your taste. The fragrances in these are VERY concentrated! So are the pheros! The scent will remain in the air for hours after your tea light goes out.

Another added benefit to using wax melts, is that UNLIKE candles, we CAN add pheromones to them. I recently found out that a lot of people are unaware of the fact that pheromones will produce a toxic gas upon touching flame. Pheromone candles are absolutely unsafe. However, there is no such risk with wax melts, as they never touch flame, the wax is simply warmed and melted, and thus diffused, and that is completely safe.

Materials Used

Paraffin wax, fragrance, pheromones, plastic container, label.

More Info

The price stated is per each wax melt. Buying in quantity saves you money on shipping and you can also use the discount coupon for additional savings.

Buy 10 for a 10% discount.

Buy 20 or more for a 20% discount.

You can mix and match fragrances and still get the discount.

Product Attributes

Color: Red

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