YAG Jewelry Stud Earrings, Yttrium Aluminum Red or Green Garnet Studs


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YAG Jewelry Stud Earrings, Yttrium Aluminum Red or Green Garnet Studs


YAG red ruby or green tsavorite simulant garnet gemstone stud earrings. Yttrium Aluminum diamond cut bright red or green garnet stud earrings have great clarity, brilliance, luster and sparkle YAG jewelry lab created garnet sterling silver stud earrings will definitely get noticed. YAG garnet jewelry, alternative to the more expensive genuine garnets yet less inexpensive can be just as beautiful quality natural garnets. Your choice of two different colored Yttrium Aluminum red ruby or tsavorite green garnet ear studs can be yours. One of the most popular colors, green, has been marketed as a simulant for the green tsavorite and demantoid garnets; yet red YAG has that rich red garnet color. YAG's are not easily available since CZ's have made their appearance. Great Birthstone, Wedding, Anniversary or any occasion gift. Purchase both pair of red and green YAG garnet stud earrings for $160.00 thats a savings of $74.60. If not, please specify which pair and/or color of earrings you prefer to purchase by leaving a "Note to Seller" before finalizing your payment.

YAG garnet stud earrings 6.5mm diamond cut 2.50ct solitaire Yttrium Aluminum synthetic garnet gemstone's available in two different brilliant color's of bright ruby red or emerald tsavorite garnet ear studs can be yours at a affordable price from MaggieMays. These brilliant, lustrous and sparkling YAG gemstone's are 6 prong secured, mounted in .925 sterling silver with white rhodium as a anti-tarnish effect. Pick your choice of either red ruby or green YAG gemstone stud earrings just in time for the Christmas holiday or everyday wear!

Red ruby synthetic studs, tsavorite green garnet stud earrings otherwise known as Yttrium aluminum garnet simulant gemstone's using strong magnification appeared as being flawless with no visible inclusions, blemishes or scratches using a 30X triplet loupe; brilliant with a sub-adamantine luster; meaning the gemstone's have a bright luster approaching that of diamond, high quality lab created solitaire YAG garnet jewelry gemstone stud earrings.

Yttrium-aluminum garnet is isotropic and has a refractive index of 1.833; its specific gravity is 4.55; the dispersion measures .28, and its hardness is between 8 to 8-1/2. It takes an excellent polish and has moderate brittleness. The cut material will display some fire if it is cut to good proportions as you will see.

YAG's structure is similar to that of garnet, but its chemical formula is somewhat less complex. It is made up of three elements, two of which are found in the acronym (yttrium and aluminum). The final member of the trio is oxygen. YAG which is a man-made gemstone material does not reproduce anything known in nature, and even though it has a garnet structure, it lacks any silica in its composition. Therefore, YAG's chemical composition is different from garnet's which contain silica.

YAG is synthesized under controlled conditions using a melt process. In simple terms, all the ingredients are heated in a crucible until the solids liquefy. A rod is then inserted, pulled slowly upward and rotated. As the rod is retracted, the material cools. A large crystal, called a boule, is formed in this way. Manufacturers started experimenting with various dopants, which are elements added in trace amounts to the "standard ingredients." They are used to alter certain characteristics of the material being synthesized. In the case of YAG, dopants were added to alter color. By varying the recipe, manufacturers could produce pastel to vibrant hues ranging from various shades of:

Green: Chromium
Blue: Cobalt
Purple: Neodymium
Red / Pink: Manganese

You can't go wrong with Yttrium aluminum "YAG" rich colored gemstone's! This true vibrant ruby red and lustrous bright green pair of sparkling stud earrings won't last long; so stop on by MaggieMays before their gone!

Thank you for visiting MaggieMays

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

YAG gemstone's with such brilliance and diamond-like luster was a exceptional find and will be a great advantage as a affordable alternative to genuine garnet gems.

Materials Used

Yttrium Aluminum Gemstones, YAG, Garnet, Stud, Earrings, Simulant, Red and Green Gemstones, Lab Created .925 Sterling Silver

More Info

Purchase both pairs of these brilliant and sparkling red and green YAG stud earrings for just $160.00; "That's a $74.60 savings!" If you like this option, please email me through the ArtFire system and let me know so I can reserve them for you at this discount price before finalizing checkout; if not, you will be charged full price of $117.30 each.

Please read MaggieMays policies carefully!

Earrings will arrive gift boxed ready for presentation.

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Product Attributes

Primary Material: Yttrium Aluminum, YAG, Stud, Earrings, Simulant, Ruby Red Garnet, Green Tsavorite Garnet, .925, Sterling Silver

Size: 6.5mm Solitaire

Pattern: Yttrium Aluminun Red or Green Garnet Gemstone Stud Earrings

Color: Red

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Pendant chains are very fine and delicate! Pendant chains are not meant to be worn 24/7/365 days a year. Precious metals do break down with continuous wear. MaggieMays will not be held responsible for any type of breakage.

Remember, gemstone jewelry is not meant to be worn 24/7/365 days a year, meaning continuous wear. The oils in your body will not only affect the color of the gemstone but they may become scratched or even crack, prongs may become loose, etc. Visit your local jeweler at least once a year or more to have your fine jewelry cleaned and checked for loose stone(s), scratches and prongs. These mishaps occur regularly when caught upon clothing, hair, housework, gardening, bathing, showering, wearing to bed, etc., or you may accidentally bump or hit something while wearing your jewelry.

I cannot be held responsible for any damage or problems that occurs to your jewelry piece if the above noted is not followed (including sizing, cleaning, etc) by another jeweler. With proper care and respect for the piece, you will have a lifetime of enjoyment with one of MaggieMays jewelry design's!

If a reserved order is requested on any item in my studio, a 50% deposit of the total price is required and non-refundable; if not paid in full within 10 days (weekend days included) of order unless other accommodations have been arranged between buyer and myself. If remaining balance is not paid within the above time frame or other arrangements made, the jewelry piece will be re-listed as an active item in my studio and without any deposit refundable.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have on MaggieMays policies.


Patron178458 on Jan 11, 2013
5 stars

I ordered this beautiful Mandiore Ametrine White Topaz Ring. From the minute I ordered, I was receiving communication from MaggieMays about when it would be shipping, how to care for it properly, and when it was shipped. I received it within a few days of order and it is stunning; just a beautiful piece. The service was great and I have a ring that I will treasure. I love it!
Patron145393 on Jul 7, 2012
5 stars

Shopping at Maggie Mays was a great experience! Marge is very knowledgable and answered my emails and any questions quickly and professionally. The emerald pendant is just beautiful and Maggie Mays gets a perfect score from me! I highly recommended Maggie Mays if you are shopping for a beautiful, fine quality piece of jewelry. And thank you for the free shipping special-what a nice surprise!
Patron145393 on Jun 15, 2012
5 stars

I cannot say enough good things about Marge, the lovely lady who sold me this beautiful emerald. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She made sure I knew what I was getting and went out of her way to get me this stunning emerald pendant! The color is just beautiful and I could not be happier! Just perfect! A very professional seller who knows what she's talking about-I encourage you to check out her shop. Many thanks Marge!!!
myfathersgifts on Jun 29, 2012
5 stars

Amazing artist..perfect order, fast shipping and extremely pleasant to work with. Highly recommended artist.
SilverRiverJewelry on Jan 22, 2011
5 stars

This ring is beautiful, I am so pleased with it! Fits perfectly and was shipped very quickly. I will enjoy wearing this ring for many years to come! Sonja SilverRiverJewelry

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