Chrysoprase Jewelry Gemstone Pendant Necklace, Chalcedony Jewelry, SS

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Chrysoprase Jewelry Gemstone Pendant Necklace, Chalcedony Jewelry, SS


Genuine Chrysoprase gemstone necklace in fine .925 sterling silver bezel pendant displays Australia rare apple green Chrysoprase gemstone jewelry pendant necklace. Chrysoprase, chalcedony quartz variety gem is usually cut en cabochon style as seen in this Chrysoprase semitransparent to translucent gemstone with beaded detailing around pendant. Chrysoprase jewelry necklace designed to meet your personal style and great gift for any holiday occasion or alternative May birthstone.

Genuine Chrysoprase Jewelry Pendant Necklace 9.5 carat 16x12mm cabochon oval gemstone brings its lustrous opalescent shine and even apple green color saturation with a soothing yellow undertone. Chrysoprase stone's natural inclusions seen in incandescent lighting shows the rarity of this Australia Chrysoprase gemstone jewelry necklace. Gemstone mounted in a two in one beaded detailed bezel setting, 6.0 grams. Necklace measures 1 1/2" long x 1" wide securely prong set in fine .925 sterling silver pendant with finishing touch of a 3mm fashion detail bail, 7.9 total gram weight. Included is a .925 sterling silver box chain but with such a large bail size, pendant can be worn on any type of chain, such as, a omega style chain.

Chrysoprase gemstone jewelry pendant necklace showed small natural inclusion's in incandescent lighting which are genuine. Using a 30X loupe and strong magnification their were no cracks, scratches, nicks or blemishes seen, a eye clean, high quality rare apple green Chrysoprase gemstone definitely showed its charming and rare green color that its known for in the quartz family.

Chrysoprase is probably the least known member of the microcrystalline group, but it is generally considered to be the rarest and most valuable. It ranges in color from a soft to vivid apple-green, and especially fine specimens have considerable translucency as you will see in this quality large Chrysoprase jewelry pendant necklace. High grade Chrysoprase materials with very little inclusions are worth what you pay for as they are extremely difficult to get and worth every penny.

Most green stones owe their color to chromium or vanadium, but chrysoprase derives its color from the nickel content. Because of its semi-opaque green color, it is often mistaken for Imperial jadeite. One of the most valuable chalcedony gemstones, chrysoprase is prized for its color and rarity, like the other microcrystalline quartz. Chrysoprase has a hardness of 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale, a density of 2.58 to 2.64, and refractive index of 1.530 to 1.540. Chrysoprase gem stones have often been confused with jadeite, jade substitutes, prase, opal, prehnite, smithsonite, variscite, poor qualities of emerald, bowenite, serpentine and glass.

Chrysoprase tends to occur in weathered materials from nickel deposits. The most famous historical chrysoprase deposits were in Poland. Chrysoprase is now found in a number of locations, including Australia, Brazil, Madagascar and Tanzania. The chrysoprase from Central Queensland in Australia is particularly fine and some specimens display the prized translucency that give the impression of high quality jade. Australia now produces about 85% of the world's supply of chrysoprase. However the best and the widely accepted best of the best comes from Marlborough an hour and a half drive up north from Rockhampton in Queensland, Australia.

Quartz is one of the most ubiquitous minerals in the world. Quartz occurs in many forms, but the species is can usefully be divided into two families: the macro-crystalline and the micro crystalline. Macro-crystalline quartz has larger crystals that can be detected by the naked eye, while microcrystalline varieties are formed from aggregates of tiny crystals that can only be seen under under the microscope.

Macro-crystalline quartz varieties tend to be transparent with a vitreous luster, and include amethyst, ametrine, citrine, rose quartz and rock crystal. The microcrystalline varieties tend to be opaque with a waxy luster, and includes gems like chalcedony, agate, onyx, carnelian, bloodstone and chrysoprase.

Natural quartz is colorless and colored specimens get their color from trace elements. Chrysoprase is colored green by nickel and is one of very few gemstones colored by this element (the other is gaspeite). Green gems are typically colored by iron (peridot), chromium (emerald, chrome tourmaline, chrome diopside) or vanadium (tsavorite garnet).

MaggieMays tries to be as descriptive as possible in her descriptions to assure you that your purchasing a fine quality gemstone jewelry piece.

Wearing Chrysoprase you will find that it is typically not faceted or cut like other semiprecious gemstones as it is primarily seen in a bead form or cut en cabochon style and used in various types of different jewelry settings, such as, rings, pendants and necklaces.

Chrysoprase beads tend to loose their color and fade in sunlight but will normally restore it when stored in a moist place. Fading happens because dehydration robs stones of their coloring agent, pimelite a silicate. Pimelite has a layered structure that readily traps or looses moisture and the stone has the potential of drying out. To restore these attributes, wear your chrysoprase jewelry when taking a bath or leave the stones in wet cotton.

When taking care of your Chrysoprase jewelry you want to be careful with it and never submerge it in water or chemical cleaning solutions as water and chemicals can damage the stone. Ultrasonic cleaners are not recommended for fine gemstone jewelry as they have the potential of lose of gemstone color, possible scratching and even crack the stone. You never want to store your jewelry in direct sunlight or extreme heat/cold. Your jewelry should be placed in a protective jewelry box or armor for long lasting storage.

If your Chrysoprase jewelry pieces need a light cleaning you can wipe them down with a damp, soft, lint-free cotton cloth. It's best to take your fine jewelry to your local jeweler at least once a year for a thorough cleaning.

Thank you for browsing MaggieMays! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss your issues.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Chrysoprase is cryptocrystalline composed of very fine crystals not seen with the naked eye. The brilliant green color (apple green being the rarest) and luster of chrysoprase makes it one of the most highly sought after gemstone's in the lapidary and gem circles.

Materials Used

Genuine Chrysoprase Gemstone, Pendant, Necklace, Green Chalcedony, Rare, Apple Green Color, Bezel Setting, .925 Sterling Silver, Italian Box Chain

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Product Attributes

Primary Material: Genuine Chrysoprase Gemstone, Pendant, Necklace, Green Chalcedony, Rare Apple Green Color, Bezel Setting, .925 Sterling Silver

Size: 18" Long

Pattern: Chrysoprase "Green Chalcedony" Gemstone Jewelry Pendant Necklace

Color: Green

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Fast shipping really beautiful amazing artist


This ring is beautiful, I am so pleased with it! Fits perfectly and was shipped very quickly. I will enjoy wearing this ring for many years to come!



Great customer!! Super fast pay - welcome at bwdesigns studio anytime! Thank you!!


Thank you, Margaret!


An absolute pleasure to do business with, thanks so much!

Guest User

I cannot say enough good things about Marge, the lovely lady who sold me this beautiful emerald. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She made sure I knew what I was getting and went out of her way to get me this stunning emerald pendant! The color is just beautiful and I could not be happier! Just perfect! A very professional seller who knows what she's talking about-I encourage you to check out her shop. Many thanks Marge!!!


Amazing artist..perfect order, fast shipping and extremely pleasant to work with. Highly recommended artist.

Guest User

Shopping at Maggie Mays was a great experience! Marge is very knowledgable and answered my emails and any questions quickly and professionally. The emerald pendant is just beautiful and Maggie Mays gets a perfect score from me! I highly recommended Maggie Mays if you are shopping for a beautiful, fine quality piece of jewelry. And thank you for the free shipping special-what a nice surprise!


Thank you for doing business with me.


A Super Nice Customer who is always Welcome in my store! A Thanks EvezBeadz, Eve :D

Guest User

I ordered this beautiful Mandiore Ametrine White Topaz Ring. From the minute I ordered, I was receiving communication from MaggieMays about when it would be shipping, how to care for it properly, and when it was shipped. I received it within a few days of order and it is stunning; just a beautiful piece. The service was great and I have a ring that I will treasure. I love it!

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