Magic Eye Potion for dark circles and puffy eyes


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Magic Eye Potion for dark circles and puffy eyes


Whats so magic about this anti aging eye potion? Well all the goodies we have included in this formulation makes for an unbelievable transformation of the eye that it must be magic.

This is a lightweight lotion made with rice bran oil so it will not weigh down the delicate eye area but perfoms heavy duty moisturization. It also includes licorice root to help lighten darken circles over time and a touch of mica to help instantly and temporarily brighten the eye.

Rice Bran Oil- high in fatty acids, natural antioxidant and a small degree of natural spf protection

Agireline- helps to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles; with 2x day use the severity of eye wrinkles decreased by up to 17% in 15 days and 27% in 30 days.

Licorice Root- my favorite for skin brightening and toning it also helps to soothe extra dry skin

Rice Bran Protein/ Soy Bean Protein- reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, stregthens connective tissue, provide protection from UV damage

Silk Peptides- holds and release moisture

Amber Extract- antioxidant and conditioning properties

Mica- reflects light for a brighter (and younger) appearing eye

You will receive 1 oz of product in a treatment pump for ease of use. With 2x a day treatment this product can last at least 3-4 months for most users.

Materials Used

distilled water, rice bran oil, agireline, glycerine, e wax, licorice root extract, rice bran protein, soy bean protein, dmi, silk peptides, amber extract, mica, germall

Product Attributes

Color: Blue

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Q: What does the statement "do not use during pregnancy" mean? Aren't your products natural?

A: Natural does not necessarily mean safe especially for the pregnant woman. This statement is used when an essential oil or groups of essential oils is more than 2% of the total weight or volume (Indulgence= 3.5%). Research has shown that certain essential oils should not be used during pregnancy, though no documentation exists of adverse effects resulting from their use.

Q: Why do you use preservatives in a natural product?

A: Some ingredients spoil very quickly and without the preservative you would not be able to enjoy your body care treat for very long. So a very small amount of preservative (always 1% or less) is added to ensure it has not grown mold or bacteria before you finish using it.

Q: What about fragrance?

A: Our fragrances are purchased from a reputable supplier that blends essential oils together to make a fragrance. These fragrances are proprietary and as such they do not have to list more that the term fragrance or essential oil for their ingredient list.

Q: How are your products tested?

A: The products are tested on volunteers who suffer from the complaint that the product is designed to correct. The volunteers are asked their honest opinion about the product and reformulations are considered based on feedback. The product is retested until an exceptional product is created.

Q: Can I use your hair care products on my relaxed/ chemical treated/ colored hair?

A: These products were created to help your hair no matter what state it is in (natural/ relaxed/colored). The goal is to promote healthy hair that is soft and manageable.

Q: Are your products hypoallergenic?

A: It is always advisable to perform a patch test when using any product. Apply a small amount of the product to an exposed area of skin. If itching and redness occur, rinse it off immediately and discontinue use of the product. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, please read the label before making a purchase.

Q: What makes you the "expert"?

A: We don't consider ourselves experts. This journey started out with a problem and investigative work trying to fix that problem. What we do is research and test natural formulations to achieve goals that people are not seeing with other products, natural or commercial. The process is driven by the scientific method and knowledge gleaned from professionals in the field (hairstylists, dermatologists, herbalists and general medical providers). The end result is a product that offers you the "difference" you have been looking for.


GryWinther on Apr 9, 2011
5 stars

earthegy on Mar 18, 2011
5 stars

I don't know what LeKenda puts in the Berry Juice, but my skin has been in phenomenal shape since I started using it! Always a pleasure!
earthegy on Feb 16, 2011
5 stars

I'm hooked. Enough said.---Chrisy
earthegy on Feb 15, 2011
5 stars

My Vanilla Diva Body Polish arrived today, and I can't wait to try it out---smells absolutely delicious! Thanks so much!--Chrisy

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