PDF Pattern, 12 Page, Full Color, Articulated Seed Bead Dragon


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PDF Pattern, 12 Page, Full Color, Articulated Seed Bead Dragon


Pan Long is a fully articulated Chinese dragon constructed entirely from seed beads and Swarovski crystals. He is so flexible you can even tie him in a knot if you want. He can be worn as a necklace, a brooch, a bracelet or simply carried about as the ultimate in elegant worry beads. Pan Long, coiling dragon in Chinese, measures 8.5", when complete. His head is made using tubular and flat, even as well as odd count peyote. His scales are herringbone cones and his tail is a collection of seed bead and crystal streamers in a riot of colors. He has no wires of any kind inside his body, just seed beads. How this is achieved, you will have to buy the pattern to discover.

The design and pattern for this undulating wonder is my original work as are the instructional text, diagrams and photographs. The pattern is twelve pages of detailed instruction and full color photographs and diagrams of every step of the instructional process. Supplies needed for this project are pictured above. This pattern is not for the faint hearted. It requires advanced skills in both peyote and herringbone stitches. Pan Long himself, the pattern, text and graphics are all copyrighted material and may not be duplicated all or in part without written permission from me.

This listing is for the pattern to make Pan Long only, not for the dragon himself. A full color hard copy is available for purchase at a cost of US $40.00 plus shipping. If you are in love with Pan Long himself, he too is for sale at a cost of US $500.00 plus shipping. If you love Pan Long but wish he was in different colors, a special order version of him can be made for you for the pre-paid price of US $500.00 plus shipping. If you are not a beader; will never make a Pan Long of your own; cannot afford or do not wish to buy a completed Pan Long from me but still think he is worth your time, please, feel free to Stumble, Pin, Like or otherwise make note of him in social media or private messages to your friends and/or family.

Thank you for reading my proud ramblings,
Shelley, the NCTeddyBearLady

P.S. A word of caution about the use of this pattern. You have my permission to make all the dragons you wish from this pattern for yourself or to give away. You do not, however, have permission to make commercial use of it. Specifically, that means you may not make and sell dragons made from this pattern, sell the pattern, copy, reproduce or use any part of it to make money or to share with others to save the cost of purchasing their own. I reserve that right solely for myself.

You do have my permission to let this pattern be a means for finding your own artistic voice. Vary the design of the dragon so that they are no longer recognizable as my work and I wish you G-d's speed. Change a stitch here and there for the sake of calling it your own and, as I learned to say in Turkey, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your nether regions! . . .And. . .keep a watchful eye over your shoulder for my lawyer. As they say in department store dressing rooms, violators will be prosecuted.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

The inspiration for this pattern was another artist's work, Linda Richmond. I work at A Better Bead and Crafts, the most wonderful bead shop I have ever visited. A customer came in one day wearing a segmented fish she had made from one of Linda's patterns. The shop owner, Alethea, and I were intrigued by the flexibility of the fish but we wondered if a fully 3D version of some creature might be made with as much flexibility as Linda's fish. We decided I should try. A dragon's body seemed to lend itself well to the project. Research told me that a Chinese dragon had a boxy head and a legless body versus the more complicated sculpted body with legs of a European dragon. Not wishing to make a hard job next to impossible, I opted for the Chinese dragon.

It took me nearly four months and 20+ prototypes to rework the way the scales needed to be attached to allow completely free, 360 degree motion. When I attached the final scale to Pan Long's body, I felt sure I had been successful. Just to be sure he was up to the wear and tear his seductively limber body invites, we coiled Pan Long around a display on the front counter in the shop and stood back to see what reaction we would get from customers. They couldn't seem to put him down. If you are up to the challenge of making a dragon of your own, I'll bet you won't be able to put yours down either.

Materials Used

the pattern materials consist of paper and ink. The dragon itself is made from seed beads in several sizes, colors and styles, Swarovski crystal bicones, Super-Lon and your skill at stitching, nothing else.

More Info

As with all my pattern designs, support working one of my printed or downloaded patterns is included with the purchase. I am just a phone call or e-mail away if you have questions or concerns. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Product Attributes

Color: Red

Color: reds, golds, oranges, yellows

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CalicoCat on May 1, 2009
5 stars

Thank you SO much! I am going to enjoy being able to now admire your wonderful bears on a daily basis. --Linda

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