DOGWOOD Branch WALL STENCIL - Flowering, EASY, Reusable DIY Stenciling


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DOGWOOD Branch WALL STENCIL - Flowering, EASY, Reusable DIY Stenciling


Trees and branches have a proven calming effect on their viewer. Try stenciling this dogwood branch in a bedroom to add to its relaxation factor.

SIZE = Branch measures 19 x 44 inches.

- Reusable/Reversible
- 11-mil sturdy clear plastic
- Comes with instructions/techniques
- Comes with FREE mini stencil

Anyone can stencil, regardless of "artistic ability". Bring out your inner artist (everyone has one) and give it a try. All you need to do is follow the instructions (basically, to avoid paint leaking behind the stencil) and you can transform your home in just a short time! Take a look at our tutorials ( for 2+ color projects, shadow effects and more!

- To adhere your stencil to the wall - you can use either painter's tape around the edges or spray adhesive (3M or Elmer's All Purpose). For beginners, we recommend spray adhesive because it helps prevent leakage better. Spray it outdoors, if possible. Or, use a drop cloth. Otherwise, you may end up with a slight sticky film on your floor.
- Make sure you have planned out the placement of your stencil, then stick it to the wall - as flat as possible.
- For use with a stencil roller: Cover your roller in paint, then roll it over a stack of paper towels to remove excess. Gently roll over the stencil, making sure not to press too hard (this can cause leaks).
- For use with a stencil brush: Dip your brush in paint, then dab it over paper towels to remove excess. Dab over your stencil, perpendicular to the wall. Do not use a swiping motion, which will cause leaks.
- Peel the stencil from the wall when you're done. If you have any paint leaks, you can use a wet q-tip to rub them off. This is easier when paint is wet.

These stencils are reusable (and reversible), which makes them much more economical than wallpaper or vinyl decals.

Made of strong, sturdy 11-mil clear plastic. It won't rip easily like the standard mylar and is washable (easiest while paint is still wet) and can be stored for use in the future.

Stencils, not decals or stickers. They are used with paint - you choose your color(s).

Decals and wallpaper can be very tedious to remove and can even damage your walls. Stencils will not harm your walls!

Sometimes mistakes can occur with DIY decor projects. But stencils are one of the easiest fixes. They can be touched up easily with a little paint. Even if you want to change the position of an entire branch, for instance, you can simply paint over the stencil and try again (it's reusable!).

Affordable - Our stencils can be used many, many times over and cost only $40 for the average one-piece design. Decals can cost hundreds, if you would like to have more than one. Wallpaper can cost a whole lot more than that!

Some of our customers have stenciled chairs, armoires, dressers, and many home fabrics with great success.

Textured walls present a minor challenge, but stenciling is totally possible. If you have major texture (like "popcorn"), stenciling is not a good idea. But for milder "orange peel" textures, it can be done. For the cleanest possible edges, you should use a stencil brush instead of a roller. The trick is to keep your brush very dry, using very little paint for each application. Just dab your brush over paper towels each time before going to the wall. Using spray adhesive is also helpful for avoiding leakage.

Fabric-stenciling is a fun DIY activity! There are lots of quality fabric paints available at craft stores and online. Jacquard makes a lot of good ones. Alternatively, you can simple add a fabric medium (like Liquitex's) to your acrylic paint. Tape down your fabric so it's secure while you stencil. Use a stencil brush (not a roller) for fabric. Affix your stencil with spray adhesive. Dab in your paint and let it air cure (often, it's best to allow air drying for up to a week before you heat set). Home laundry dryers usually do not get hot enough to set your paint, so you will probably use an iron to heat set. It's best to do this with the painted side down on top of a sheet of aluminum. Iron for 15-25 seconds per section. These are just general instructions, so please read the instructions on your fabric paint or medium for best results.

Our stencils are different because they have been created from original, hand-drawn artworks by Cate Tinsley (owner/designer). Cate is a painter and fine artist who grew up in New York. She has been an artist all her life and hopes to inspire customers to invoke their inner artists with the use of her stencils. If you are not prepared to invent a whole wall mural and paint it by hand, stencils are a great alternative and time-saver.

*We can make custom sizes with most of our designs. Just ask!

- We use USPS Priority Mail for USA and International - they are fast and trustworthy.
- Order your stencils together to save on shipping! Cost is combined!

More stenciling info, tutorials and inspiration photos on our website:

Design Copyright © 2010-2016 by Olive Leaf Stencils. All rights reserved.

Materials Used

durable 11 mil clear plastic, NOT flimsy mylar

Product Attributes

Primary Material: 11 mil clear plastic

Color: Grey

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