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Seed Bracelet with Silver Metal Beads, Labradorite, Jasper, Leaf Charm

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This earthy handmade bracelet, inspired by Eowyn of LOTR, brings together lovely betel seeds, silver metal beads, labradorite, fancy jasper, and a palmette leaf charm. The seeds are shiny wedge-shaped organic beads with rich brown tones that have a beautifully warm quality. There are two sets of five betels that edge a central design with a large (12mm) earth-toned fancy jasper round in the middle, bordered by two ornate metal beads and two labradorite rounds (10mm). The gemstones have small silver-plated scallop bead caps. The large jasper bead has faint suggestions of blue in it.

The metal beads are silver-plated copper and were handmade in India. Face on, they have an octagonal shape, with a stepped profile on four of the sides and an ornamental beaded cluster (double sided) that suggests a floral shape. To me, the design of these beads calls to mind armor and suggests a shield with a stylistic flower boss on it.

The labradorite beads are a slighty greenish grey color with some black inclusions. Typically inclusions for this gemstone are black magnetite or ilmenite, although I am uncertain what exactly the inclusions are here. In these beads there are a few tiny areas of "labradorescence," which is a blue sheen caused by a parallel structure of crystals and apparent only when light hits the stone at a particular angle. The sheen is very subtle, but when you catch sight of a little glimmer of this blue light, it's quite magical.

The bracelet strand is finished off on either side with a single repeat of the ornate metal beads and a smaller round (6mm) of earth-toned fancy jasper. At one end is added a dangle of green fancy jasper and a fine silver-plated TierraCast palmette leaf charm (made in the U.S.A.).

The 49-strand Satin Silver beading wire is secured with sterling crimps, which are hidden under silver-plated covers, and wire guards. The silver tone toggle clasp has a spiral decoration that is a fitting accompaniment to the metal beads. Lengthwise, the bracelet measures around 7 1/2 inches. Please see my photos for a picture showing side-by-side measurement with a ruler.

The result of all these materials is what I think of as a shield-maiden's bracelet, and is my humble tribute to one of my favorite characters in "Lord of the Rings," the Lady of Rohan, Eowyn. It's a lovely, comfortable wrist adornment, and carefully made.

Here's some information about the gemstones:

A type of feldspar, labradorite first became known to Europeans in the 18th century via Moravian missionaries who were working among the Inuit in Labrador, Canada. The missionaries named it after the region. Today the stone is found in various places around the world, but the connection to Labrador remains.

There are various native legends about this gemstone. In some, the stone originated in the aurora borealis; in others, the aurora borealis was imprisoned in the stones off the Labrador coast and a mighty ancestor set free most (but not all) of the aurora's light. A variation of the latter has the stars, rather than the aurora, trapped in the stones. Supposedly meteorites often have some labradorite in them.

Labradorite is considered a stone of strength and perserverance in times of adversity, conflict, and upheaval. It's a good luck stone, and supposedly calms anxiety and depression, clears thinking, and nurtures self-confidence. It is also a gemstone of inspiration, and reputedly strengthens intuition and the ability to perceive the proper timing of things. In addition, it is believed to protect one's aura.

Fancy Jasper:
Jasper in general is seen as a positive and nurturing gemstone with the ability to lift the spirits and protect the wearer from various forms of negativity. Fancy jasper is considered a stress-reliever and an aid to relaxation, peaceful feeling, and clear focus. Supposedly it is a powerful stone for self-grounding in order to problem solve.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

A recent rewatch of the "Lord of the Rings" films (among my top favorite movies) really stirred my imagination. I'm an absolute hobbit lover and especially an Eowyn fan. What other human who's "no man" could plunge a sword of righteousness into a Nazgul lord? A self-dubbed shield maiden, she's a wonderfully earthy and courageous human of feminine strength and valor. Everything chosen for this bracelet reflects in some way a quality of hers, with seeds whose shapes are reminiscent of lunar crescents to mark fertility, labradorite to signify strength in adversity (and inner light), earth-toned jasper for earthiness, and a palmette leaf charm signifying victory over negative forces. Of course, the shield-like India beads were clear choices from the start! There is also a second Eowyn bracelet, but there are some slight differences in order to keep this one a genuine one-of-a-kind. The happy owner of that other bracelet is me. :)

Materials Used

Betel seeds, silver-on-copper handmade India beads (15mm), fancy jasper (12mm; 6mm; 4mm), labradorite rounds (10mm), TierraCast palmette leaf charm, toggle clasp, bead caps, sterling crimps, crimp covers, wire guards, toggle clasp, 49-strand beading wire

More Info

Also available in my shop is an earthy and rather whimsical pair of companion earrings with fancy jasper, metal beads, and betel seeds!

Product Attributes

Color: Brown


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