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Copper Spiral Chandelier Earrings Mookaite Jasper Dangles Handmade

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These beautiful handmade beaded earrings feature Bali-style copper spiral chandelier components and multicolor mookaite jasper dangles with hand-fashioned copper-colored wire spirals. The chandelier spirals are quite stylish, with a tribal sensibility, while also still being funky and fun! They are 22mm long, 15.5mm wide, and 1.5mm thick, with jump rings soldered onto a basic spiral drop. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them! They are made to mirror each other in these earrings, as I thought that arrangement was the most interesting way to present them.

The mookaite jasper beads are perfect companions for the copper chandelier components. Earthy, organic, and warmly hued, they are nice stones for those who enjoy color but would prefer something slightly understated. The mookaite beads are strung on six dangles formed from copper-colored tarnish-resistant wire. I fashioned little spirals at the bottom of the dangles and then carefully hammered them for strength. I also fashioned a double wire-wrap at the top of the dangles. Shiny copper rondelles are also used here, between the jasper beads.

The central dangle of the chandelier earrings holds three mookaite beads that are separated by single copper rondelles. The two side dangles have a pair of mookaite beads on them, again with a single rondelle between them.

The copper ear hooks are French style and come with earnuts (aka ear stoppers or guards) to help keep these lovely earrings more secure when worn. I added an off-white mookaite bead to the front of them for extra decoration.

Lengthwise, these handmade earrings measure about 2 and 5/8 inches, including the French hooks. Please see my photos for a picture showing a ruler measurement. I've included a penny in the picture, to help you get a better idea of the size of the copper spiral components.

All together, this is a warm, inviting pair of chandelier earrings, with pretty beaded dangles and meaningful copper spirals (see "About Spirals" below). And as I mentioned above, they're also a great deal of fun!

This wonderful pair comes in a pretty organza bag, ready for gift giving to a loved one - or yourself! :)

About Spirals

The spiral is an age-old symbol that has borne great meaning for various cultures around the world. It is probably most notable in ancient Celtic art, where the figure of a single spiral is thought to represent the sun and the movement of a day. Usually, progression (such as a journey) and positive forward movement are associated with spirals. Other possible interpretations of spirals as symbols include growth, life sojourn, time and its passage, the journey beyond life, fertility, the sun, protection against evil, and infinity.

About Mookaite Jasper

Found only in Western Australia, mookaite jasper is a sedimentary stone that formed over the ages as silica in groundwater bound together the fossilized remnants of radiolaria, small sea organisms. Mookaite beads are thus like pretty memorials of wee ocean creatures who lived in ancient times - a reason alone to love mookaite! This stone's color is natural and varied, and includes (but is not limited to) bright red, earthy red, brown, mustard yellow, pale yellow, tan, off white, yellowish green, and purplish pink. The Aborigines considered mookaite a healing stone that imparts great strength. Supposedly it improves decision making, and so is quite helpful to people who have difficulty making decisions. It is also considered an aid in combating loneliness and believed to increase productive practicality in its wearers.

Generally, jasper is regarded as a nurturing stone that is capable of lifting the spirits and protecting against varying kinds of negativity.

Materials Used

Copper spiral chandelier components, mookaite jasper rounds (4mm), copper rondelles, copper-hued anti-tarnish wire, copper ear hooks, earnuts

Product Attributes

Color: Copper


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