NEW - Silver Nose Ring Hammered Style - CUSTOMIZE


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NEW - Silver Nose Ring Hammered Style - CUSTOMIZE


Sterling silver hammered nose ring. Makes a nice, simple statement - something a little different with gently hammered flat front. Also available in 14 karat solid yellow or rose gold as well as gold filled rings.

A custom ring can be chosen by using the drop down menus on the right to select your gauge (thickness) and interior diameter.

All of the pieces in my shop are for healed piercings only. If you are not sure whether your piercing is healed, please consult a professional


Materials Used

Sterling silver

More Info

For my complete collection and simple choice options, visit me at

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Sterling silver

Size: 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 18 gauge, 20 gauge, 22 gauge

Pattern: Sterling silver hammered nose ring

Color: Silver

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All Other Countries
First Item: $7.95
Additional Items: $1.00

United States
First Item: $5.95
Additional Items: $1.00

First Item: $5.95
Additional Items: $1.00


Welcome! This shop comes from my love of creating quality, handmade nose jewellery. I wear it myself so am always looking for new and interesting designs. I'm very customer focused and would rather take the time with you to get things right than for a quick sale.

I am set up for Paypal payments - did you know you can pay with a credit card via Paypal WITHOUT setting up a Paypal account? It's easy - just choose credit card at payment checkout.

Each piece is handmade by me and shipped within 7 business days. How Rockin' cool is that? Handmade just for you AND to your unique needs and wishes...all done within 7 business days! (Yes, I take the odd day off on the weekend :)

This order is set up with standard shipping, which does not include tracking.

Estimated delivery times are as follows:
o Canadian (domestic shipments) - up to 1 week
o USA (international shipment) - approximately 1 - 3 weeks
o Other destinations vary according to location - most Australian and European orders take approximately 2 - 4 weeks

Tracking to the US is $15. Tracking to other international destinations is extremely expensive. If you are in the US and would like to upgrade to tracked shipping, please contact me and I will invoice you for the difference between what you paid and the tracked shipment price.

You will receive shipping confirmation when it is ready via email.

Please double check your junk folder if you do not receive this notification.

Your order is coming from Canada

Refunds and Exchanges
Your satisfaction is important to me. Please contact me if you wish to return or exchange your purchase.

1. What kind of shipping do you use?
All packages are shipped via Canada Post

2. How long after an order is placed do you ship it out?
Right now I'm shipping within 7 business (week days) of your order being placed. You will receive an email confirmation when it's ready to go.

3. Where is my order coming from?
Vancouver Island, BC Canada, which is in Western Canada.

4. How long will it take for my order to get to me?
APPROXIMATE shipping times are:
Canada 3 - 5 business days
US 9 - 12 business days
Other international shipments vary
Customs can hold a package for inspection, though and there is no control over that.

1. You can compare to your current ring and order the same measurement.
2. You can measure in mm from your piercing hole to the bottom of your nose to get an idea of the size you might like. It depends on your nostril thickness too though - so this will give an idea but may not be totally a perfect fit. For example, I measure 10mm but like an 8mm ring that touches the bottom of my nostril.
3. You can ask a local piercer what gauge and size you're currently wearing if you're not sure
4. Gauge is the wire's thickness. For example, regular earrings have 20 gauge posts or the wire part that goes through your ear. 18 gauge is thicker than that and 22 gauge is thinner than that. 24 gauge is thinner than 22 gauge.

1. What kinds of materials do you use?
14 karat gold
Sterling silver
Fine Silver
Argentium Silver
14 karat gold fill

2. Is there anything you wouldn't recommend to use in a piercing?
I wouldn't recommend using any plated materials - no silver plate or gold plate. These are simply a very thin plating over top of a base metal and will quickly wear away; exposing the base metal beneath that isn't good for a piercing.

3. What is 14 karat gold fill? And how is it different from gold plate?
14 karat gold fill is an actual tube of gold that starts out hollow. The gold is then filled with another material, usually brass. The outside parts are gold. It is a high quality material that, with proper care, will wear the same way gold does.

4. What is Argentium silver?
Argentium silver is fine silver mixed with germainum, which provides it some strength. It is tarnish resistant and when it tarnishes, it turns a warm golden color, which can usually be cleaned with soap and water. If allowed to fully tarnish, you may need a commercial jewelry cleaner.

1. Will my sterling silver tarnish?
Yes. All sterling silver tarnishes - it is called oxidization. It can be cleaned with a silver cleaner. I buy mine from the jewelry counter and simply dip the silver in there for a second and give it a rinse. It shines it right up. Be careful of stones though! Pearls will dissolve in it, as will turquoise.
2. What about gold fill? Gold fill simply needs regular cleaning in warm soapy water. Be sure to rinse well.
3. What about gold? Like gold fill, simply clean in warm soapy water and rinse well.
4. What about Argentium silver? Usually will clean up with warm soapy water and a rinse but if left for a long time, may need a commercial cleaner like sterling does.

2. I just got my nose pierced! When can I wear my new piece I bought from you?
When you are FULLY healed. You need to keep the piece in that your piercer picked out for you until the healing process is complete. If you aren't sure whether you are healed, please consult a professional.



Thanks so much for everything! I love my new nose rings! : ) I will definatly be back (very soon!) for more.

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