Furious Love sterling silver necklace


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Furious Love sterling silver necklace


This stunning necklace is made from sterling silver and swarovski crystals. This design is exclusively mine, and was designed and handmade by me. This piece is made to order, so please allow extra time before shipping.

This piece is extra special to me, because of it's meaning. Emotions are hard enough to put into words, but this piece captured exactly how I was feeling when it was made. And funny, the next day I fell into a deep, dark, pit...but I looked at this piece and it reminded me how bright life really is, and it totally encouraged me!

Here's the meaning to this Furious Love...

The heart in the middle represents love, and your core, the center of who you really are, and everything is springing from the heart in the center. I believe love is the most important thing there is, what do we have without it? We all want it, we all need it, and we are all miserable without it...and I'm not just talking love from another person (although that can be pretty amazing too), I'm talking about an unconditional love from God...the kind that loves you no matter what you've done, or how much of a failure you think you are. I'm talking about the kind of love that goes beyond your understanding, the kind that fights to love you, even when you push it away. This unconditional love isn't based on you or your performance, it's based on who God is, and it's His character to love you, unconditionally, just the way you are, right now, even if you don't want Him to, He still does, and He still will fight to love you. That's what the heart in the center means to me. And this heart is all wrapped up, but that "wrapping" is actually a whirlwind; it's a whirlwind of God's love, and it's causing the heart to burst, flinging stuff everywhere! I've never been in the middle of a whirlwind, but I can imagine that in the fury of the wind, stuff is thrown all over the place, and that's what this necklace is about. The unconditional love of God is is like a whirlwind around your heart, and when you let Him love you like this, it causes your heart to burst, sending stuff flying everywhere! You just can't contain the Love of God! And you will know when you experience something like this, when you experience the fury of His love, because you will never be the same again.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

This necklace came from my heart, it is a part of who I am...and possibly a part of who you are too...

Materials Used

sterling silver, swarovski crystals

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Sterling silver, swarovski crystals

Color: Orange

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